Tomb bats

Tomb bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Emballonuridae
Genus : Taphozous


Facts about the genus Taphozous, the tomb bats

As their name implies, tomb bats are also known to roost in sacred crypts where ancient rulers were laid to rest.

In this consensus tree there is a polytomy at the base of Saccolaimus + Taphozous, indicating Saccolaimus may be paraphyletic if Taphozous is excluded.

Incidentally, the other species of Taphozous is simply known as the Tomb Bat and not "Hairy-bellied Tomb Bat.

Taphozous is typically a swift, high-flying genus which forages above canopy height.

95 in) The coat of black-bearded tomb bats is quite variable dependent on its particular environment. (Full text)

Habitat Black-bearded tomb bats are found in habitats including rainforests, woodlands, tombs, deserted buildings, rock formations, caverns, cliffs, and arid country plains. (Full text)

Batscans: Taphozous mauritianus Despite their name, Mauritian Tomb Bats are actually known from most of Africa South of the Sahara Desert. (Full text)

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