Sheath-tailed bats

Sheath-tailed bats

Order : Chiroptera
Family : Emballonuridae
Genus : Emballonura


Facts about the genus Emballonura, the sheath-tailed bats

5 grams References : M1, M2 Sheath-tailed Bats are

Full-grown adult Sheath-tailed bats are smaller in size than baby Mariana fruit bats, the only other bat native to the CNMI.

Sheath-tailed bats are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical regions.

Sheath-tailed Bats are small insectivorous bats weighing only about five grams and with a wingspan of nine inches.

When logging produces gaps and modifies the primary condition of the forests, some insectivorous bats of the canopy (free-tailed or mastiff bats and sheath-tailed bats) are able to move down to feed in the understory where they catch a high number of insects displaced by forest disturbance.

Sheath-tailed bats are visually alert while roosting during the day. (Full text)

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