Saddleback dolphin

Saddleback dolphin

Order : Cetacea
Suborder : Odontoceti
Family : Delphinidae
Genus : Delphinus


Animals in the genus Delphinus

Short-beaked saddleback dolphin
Facts about the genus Delphinus, the saddleback dolphin

Delphinus is named after the mythological dolphin that assisted Poseidon and thereby earned a place of honor in the stars. (Full text)

Delphinus is also on the Meridian about 30 (Full text)

Look up Delphinus in Wiktionary, the free dictionary Delphinus is the Latin word for 'dolphin'. (Wiki)

The region around Delphinus is usually mentioned for novae.

delphinus is trusted by: none yet (Full text)

In the Northern Hemisphere, Delphinus is a late summer and fall constellation, culminating at 10:00 PM in early September.

Featuring a larger diameter woofer the Delphinus is capable of increased dynamics, which in turn makes the front stage wider and deeper.

Delphinus is a General Accounting and Consulting Service whose capabilities lie within the entire accounting

The Saddleback dolphin is a central character in a Greek tale about a boy who rode a dolphin to and from school each day. (Full text)

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