Right whales

Right whales

Order : Cetacea
Suborder : Mysticeti
Family : Balaenidae
Genus : Eubalaena


Animals in the genus Eubalaena

Southern right whale
Northern right whale
Facts about the genus Eubalaena, the right whales

Eubalaena is also the name accepted by both the International Whaling Commission and NMFS.

Eubalaena is also the name accepted by both the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and NMFS. (Full text)

Kingdom Animalia (animals) Phylum Chordata (vertebrates) Class Mammalia (mammals) Order Cetacea (whales and dolphins) Suborder Mysticeti (baleen whales) Family Balaenidae Genus Eubalaena SPECIES OF RIGHT WHALESThe number of species of right whales is in dispute; most biologists believe there are two species, Eubalaena glacialis, the northern right whale, and Eubalaena australis, the southern species.

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"To say the last 12 months have been devastating to right whales is an understatement," said Regina Asmutis-Silvia, a biologist for the International Wildlife Coalition in East Falmouth, Massachusetts. (Full text)

Intentional approach to Right Whales is prohibited and may result in a violation of federal or state laws.

"This population of right whales is one of the most endangered populations of large mammals anywhere in the world," said Slay. (Full text)

By Barbara Taormina, Gloucester Daily Times staff A baby boom among right whales is being reported as fishermen get ready to begin using new safety devices to protect the highly endangered species.

And the number one cause of death for adult right whales is collisions with ships. (Full text)

Such a coastal feeding ground for right whales is otherwise unknown in the Southern Hemisphere, presenting a unique opportunity to study the relationships between oceanography, zooplankton abundance, and feeding behavior in these whales.

Right whales are similar to bowhead whales, but smaller.

Right whales are an endangered species and their populations generally remain small even though commercial hunting stopped nearly 100 years ago.

Print Story: Scientists Say More Right Whales Are Dying on Yahoo!

Scientists Say More Right Whales Are Dying - Yahoo!

Whaling The Southern Right whales are vulnerable. (Full text)

Scientists say more right whales are dying

Right whales are so rare that scientists who study them know them by name. (Full text)

Scientists Say More Right Whales Are Dying var SA_Message="SACategory=" + 'nation/wires'; Hello document.

Right whales are much more "robust" than either gray or humpback whales, which look positively svelte in comparison. (Full text)

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