Black bears, brown bear, and polar bear

Black bears, brown bear, and polar bear

Order : Carnivora
Family : Ursidae
Subfamily : Ursinae
Genus : Ursus


Animals in the genus Ursus

Polar bear
Asiatic black bear
American black bear
Brown bear
Facts about the genus Ursus, the black bears, brown bear, and polar bear

A Mummy polar bear and a Baby polar bear are sitting on and iceberg .

A polar bear is so well-insulated that it experiences almost no heat loss.

APPEARANCE The polar bear is immediately recognizable from the distinctive white color of its fur.

Did you know that the polar bear is considered a marine mammal.

Like those of other bears, the ears of the polar bear are round.

Little Polar Bear, Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend, and Ahoy There, Little Polar Bear are PBS Storytelling Features.

Many things about the polar bear are unique.

Polar Bear are incredible swimmers and have no problem swimming the Arctic waters for miles at a time.

Searching URSUS is explained elsewhere in the website of the Library of UMPI and also on the web, URSUS Library Information System.

The forepaws on a Polar Bear are very large.

The pads of the polar bear are covered with small papillae, which increase friction between the foot and the ice.

The polar bear is a mighty hunter of seals.

The polar bear is impacted by the following conservation issues (each separately discussed under its own heading): Climate Change

Ursidae Ursus is Latin for bear.

Ursus is a genus of bear that includes the widely distributed Brown Bears and Black Bears.

Ursus is the best-selling beer in Romania, due to its respected flavour and reasonable price as opposed to imported beer.

Ursus is the official scientific publication of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA).

68 "The hairs of the polar bear are transparent light pipes that direct ultraviolet light to its skin -- which is guess what color? (Full text)

The polar bear is classified as a marine mammal. (Full text)

This beautiful Palitoy UK Mego Release of General Ursus is courtesy of Mike J. (Full text)

Relics of him are shown in many churches of Switzerland, and since the twelfth century the baptismal name Ursus is very common in the neighbourhood of Solothurn. (Full text)

Polar Bears - Description The Polar Bear is large weighing about 330-1,760 pounds with the female body being generally smaller than the male. (Full text)

When it has to stay hot or it needs to stay cold, Polar Bear is the brand that performs. (Full text)

Of the world’s carnivores, Polar Bear are the largest and most (Full text)

POLAR BEAR Ursus maritimus The polar bear is found throughout the circumpolar Arctic. (Full text)

The polar bear is almost exclusively a meat eater. (Full text)

Scientists have recently discovered that the hairs on a polar bear are hollow and can channel ultraviolet light from the sun down to the bear's black skin, which absorbs it. (Full text)

Ursus is Romanian for Bear. (Full text)

Ursus is dedicated to our clients' specific needs. (Full text)

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