Order : Carnivora
Family : Procyonidae
Subfamily : Procyoninae
Genus : Procyon


Animals in the genus Procyon

Cozumel raccoon
Crab-eating raccoon
Northern raccoon
Facts about the genus Procyon, the raccoons

The eastern anchor of the Winter Triangle, Procyon is the Alpha star of Canis Minor, the smaller dog.

Because Procyon® is all-natural, and contains no detergents, bleaches, odors or dyes, it is safe for CHILDREN, PETS, ELDERLY, and ALLERGY SUFFERERS.

Procyon Procyon is also the mammalian genus to which Raccoons belong.

Procyon is also the upper left member of the "Winter Triangle" of first magnitude stars, whose other components are Sirius (Alpha Canis Minoris) at lower left and Betegeuse (Alpha Orionis) at right center (see also wide-field image from

Soap free Procyon is the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaner in our industry today and is the ultimate in cleaning performance.

Procyon is now available in most every grocery chain in the state of Washington and Oregon and a retail rack is placed next to every “Rug Doctor” in the Northwest.

a tyard life: Meeting people raccoons is easy (Full text)

Another sad story about raccoons is that they often

Raising orphan baby raccoons is a time consuming process. (Full text)

Annual survival of adult raccoons is around 60%.

One reason hunters like chasing raccoons is that raccoons are a real challenge to catch. (Full text)

Parvoviral enteritis in raccoons is due to a unique raccoon parvovirus that is most  antigenically   similar  to   feline parvovirus.

"One of the things animal control officers are warned about rabid raccoons is that "Regardless of who does the shooting, it is critical NOT TO SHOOT THE ANIMAL IN THE HEAD, as the rabies virus is concentrated in the brain tissue.

The greatest problem with raccoons is disease.

A major cause of concern with raccoons is rabies. (Full text)

Jokes > Aviation Jokes > Raccoons are luggage (Full text)

Raccoons are best known for their black mask on the face. (Full text)

Submitted: Monday, September 15, 2003 Raccoons are unpredictable and pose a serious threat to cats. (Full text)

Submitted: Friday, December 20, 2002 Raccoons are serious threats to any pet. (Full text)

ABC News: Deer, Raccoons Are the Top Crop Raiders

" Although raccoons are flesh-eaters and have long canine teeth, their molar teeth are adapted for a varied diet which includes more than just meat.

Come on in, the raccoons are waiting .

AP Wire | 11/05/2004 | Deer, Raccoons Are the Top Crop Raiders

Raccoons are part of most woodlands in North America


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