Order : Carnivora
Family : Procyonidae
Subfamily : Procyoninae
Genus : Nasua


Animals in the genus Nasua

White-nosed coati
South American coati
Facts about the genus Nasua, the coatis

10) Endometrium The placenta of raccoons and coatis is described as being deciduate, but lacking the uterus of this specimen, the endometrium cannot be described

5) Details of fetal/maternal barrier The feto-maternal barrier of Nasua is essentially the same as that of Procyon.

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A spacious new open-air compound for the spectacled bears and coatis is another of the Zoo’s main attractions.

About the National Association of State Units on Aging Founded in 1964, the National Association of State Units on Aging (NASUA) is a non-profit association representing the nation's 56 officially designated state and territorial agencies on aging.

  Coatis are omnivores, which means they eat both animals and plants.

Clipart of Coatis These Clipart of Coatis are brought to you by Gifart.

Coatis are 13 though 27 inches long(1foot 1inch though 2feet 3inches).

Coatis are found mainly in wooded areas where they are primarily insectivorous, although will eat fruits and berries when available.

Coatis are relatively numerous on the island, so chances of encountering some coatis on a short walk are quite good.

Coming across coatis is a rare treat (2/9/96)Las Cruces Sun-News IndexArticle headline: Coming across coatis is a rare treatDate of article: 2/9/96Page, section, column: 6C3Subject: WARDEN REPORT (DAN BROOKS)

Like raccoons, coatis are members of the family Procyonidae, a group that includes other little-known creatures such as olingos and kinkajous.

nasua is 410-670 mm, tail length is 320-690 mm.

NASUA is the articulating force at the national level through which the state agencies on aging join together to promote social policy in the public and private sectors responsive to the challenges and opportunities of an aging America.

Nasua nasua ) Coatis are found in mountain forests or along

org The National Association of State Units on Aging (NASUA) is a national, non-profit, public interest organization which provides information, technical assistance, and professional development support to its members - the 57 state and territorial government agencies on aging.

The coatimundi, or coatis, is a relatively large mammal that can measure over a meter in length.

The coatis is a strange creature, in my best estimation looking like a cross between a racoon and an anteater, climbing around in the trees.

The tail of of species, the kinkajou, is prehensile, and that of coatis is very mobile and is used for balancing during climbing. (Full text)

The Coatimundi, or Ring-tailed Coati (Nasua nasua) is the best-known of the four species of coati. (Wiki)

Coatis are very social animals, living in bands of up to 20 or even 30 or more. (Full text)

At left, a coati hindfootpad (from a creature which drowned in a San Pedro River flash flood of July 1999) (click on the image for a closeup of the claws): Coatis are diurnal, omnivorous, excellent climbers, using their tails (semiprehensile, carried erect (Full text)

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