Elephant seals

Elephant seals

Order : Carnivora
Family : Phocidae
Genus : Mirounga


Animals in the genus Mirounga

Northern elephant seal
Southern elephant seal
Facts about the genus Mirounga, the elephant seals

"Mirounga" is a common misspelling or typo for: Marengo, Marina, Midrange, Miranda, Miring, Mooring.

'Mirounga' is a beautiful ocean going catamaran - fully equipped for sailing round the world.

Being able to clearly see elephant seals is vital to the success of your students' field trip.

Description & Characteristics: Inhabitants of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands, Southern Elephant seals, are named for their massive size and for the

ELEPHANT SEAL The elephant seal or sea elephant (Mirounga) is the largest of the seals.

Elephant Seals Are Doing the STRANGEST Things!

Elephant seals are fascinating for several reasons: Elephant seals are big.

Elephant seals are present throughout the year.

The estimate of the worlds population of northern elephant seals is 127,000.

The first opportunity to view the elephant seals is at the South Point viewing area.

The oil obtained from elephant seals is second in quality only to the sperm whale. (Full text)

While elephant seals are at sea in search of food they dive to incredible depths. (Full text)

New Scientist Breaking News - Elephant seals are long-distance lovers (Full text)

Elephant seals are dangerous wild animals. (Full text)

considered extinct, Elephant Seals are claiming the beaches amidst a great battle for the environmental destiny of Piedras Blancas and San Simeon. (Full text)

Elephant Seals is an informative new book (released November 1999) written by Carole and Phil Adams, who are both volunteer guides for Friends of the Elephant Seal at the Piedras Blancas colony. (Full text)

Northern elephant seals are found in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. (Full text)

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