California sea lion

California sea lion

Order : Carnivora
Family : Otariidae
Genus : Zalophus


Facts about the genus Zalophus, the California sea lion

Encyclopedia Home IndexZalophus is a genus of t

Main Entry: zalophus zalophus is one of more than 1,000,000 entries available at Merriam-WebsterUnabridged. (Full text)

Minimal intensity discrimination (3 dB) by Zalophus is poorer than that of dolphins or humans (Moore and Schusterman 1976); typical frequency discrimination limens for several phocids and the sea lion (1-2% rdl) (Møhl 1967, Schusterman and Moore 1978a, 1978b; Schusterman 1981) are similar to some of the bottlenosed dolphin data but are on average significantly larger (less sensitive) than those for harbor porpoise.

This Zalophus is not much more than half the size of Eumetopias, relatively; it has the large, round, soft eye of the fur-seal, and the more attenuated Newfoundland-dog-like muzzle; and it never roars, but breaks out incessantly with a honk, honk, honking bark, or howl. (Full text)

Printouts The California sea lion is a type of seal that lives in cool waters off the rocky coast of western North America.

The California sea lion is probably the most commonly seen pinniped along our coast. (Full text)

Exploitation The California sea lion is a protected species throughout its range.

Appearance The California sea lion is the playful, noisy, exuberant, quick learning,"trained seal" of the circus and zoo. (Full text)

  [Purchase Print] This California sea lion is exhibiting thermoregulation (controlling body temperature) by raising its foreflipper out of the water.

California Sea Lion Skull - The California sea lion is found along the Pacific coast of North America from British Columbia to Mexico.

The California Sea Lion is very fast, playful, and able to catch things in the air with its teeth.

California Sea LionZalophus californianus The California sea lion is an eares seal.

The California Sea Lion is one of three subspecies of Z.

The gregarious California Sea Lion is a common sight in northern California. (Full text)

Three subspecies of the California sea lion are recognized: Z. (Full text)

Fur seals and California Sea Lion are smaller, the latter browner and usually barking.

Predators of the California sea lion are orca (killer) whales and sharks.

Two of the most common parasites of the California sea lion are roundworms, Anisakis spp. (Full text)

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