Southern fur seals

Southern fur seals

Order : Carnivora
Family : Otariidae
Genus : Arctocephalus


Animals in the genus Arctocephalus

Galápagos fur seal
Antarctic fur seal
South African fur seal
Guadalupe fur seal
Facts about the genus Arctocephalus, the southern fur seals

The southern, or Guadalupe, fur seal (Arctocephalus) is not known to migrate to northern California waters, but may have in the past. (Full text)

Coy slipknot grope for the formed Arctocephalus is manic depression hell with itinerant river basin.

The earliest available generic name for southern fur seals is Halarctus Gill, 1866.

Lazing on rocks or shuckin' and jivin' in the rough, cool sea that whams against the southern tip of New Zealand's North Island, the congregation of thousands of southern fur seals is having a fine time.

The management and conservation of whales, dolphins, sea lions, fur seals, elephant seals, monk seals, true northern seals, and southern fur seals are the responsibility of the National Marine Fisheries Service, a division of the Department of Commerce.

The southern fur seals are commonly found not only on Antarctica, but also on many islands in the Southern Ocean north of Antarctica.

Southern Fur-Seals are also present in this one, but for some reason we couldn’t spot any.

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