Fur seals and sea lions

Fur seals and sea lions

Order : Carnivora
Family : Otariidae


Animals in the family Otariidae

Galápagos fur seal
Antarctic fur seal
South African fur seal
Guadalupe fur seal
Northern fur seal
Steller sea lion
Australian sea lion
Facts about the family Otariidae, the fur seals and sea lions

Estimating diet composition from scat analysis in otariid seals (Otariidae) - is it reliable? (Full text)

This research included daily observations at two colonies in the Seal Islands (where the greatest concentration of fur seals is found), annual censuses of other colonies in the Seal Islands, and less frequent censuses of colonies on or near Elephant Island that were less easily accessible from our Seal Island field camp (Bengtson et al. (Full text)

The harvest of fur seals is anticipated to be non-wasteful and in compliance with the regulations specified at 50 CFR 216. (Full text)

The feeding schedule for our northern fur seals is 9:30 a.

Some scientists, claiming that the growing population of Antarctic fur seals is now causing environmental problems by polluting lakes and destroying plants in Antarctica, have been pushing for the downgrading of the fur seals' conservation status.

Commercial hunting of South American fur seals is known to have taken place in Uruguay as early as 1515 and continued there with varying intensities through the centuries.

The estimate of the worlds population of Northern fur seals is 1,130,000.

On Macquarie Island the total population of sub-antarctic fur seals is estimated to be 90 to 110. (Full text)

Sea Lions is known for its flexible scheduling, relaxed atmosphere and friendly courteous service. (Full text)

The Suffern Sea Lions is a comprehensive year-round United States Swimming (USS) swim program. (Full text)

Animal Protection Institute - Shooting Sea Lions Is Not an Option

But the only way to ensure that the commercial pollock fishery is not likely to cause or exacerbate a food shortage problem, and thereby jeopardize the continued existence of endangered Steller sea lions, is to ensure that the fishery does not contribute in any way to reducing the availability of a prey species that is important to the depleted

''Putting people's lives in the hands -- flippers -- of dolphins or sea lions is weird,'' she said.

edu Call for Papers Background Goal Abstract Submission Proceedings Location About the Wakefield Series Organizing Committee Sponsors Symposium Background Changes in the worldwide abundance of sea lions is of growing concern to fisheries and conservation groups, because fisheries are feared to threaten sea lions, or because sea lions are feared to threaten fisheries.

The most harmful creature to sea lions is not sharks or orcas, it's humans.

Survival: The average life span of Steller sea lions is about 20 to 23 years.

Another very different adaptation of the sea lions is the flipper.

Interactions Occasionally South American fur seals are caught in fishing nets, but this is not common, since this species is not a boat follower like Otaria or Arctocephalus pusillus.

Fur seals are the only eared seal in the Antarctic.

An unknown, but relatively small, number of fur seals are victims of marine pollution.

The fur seals are covered with a dense layer of fur, intermixing in the dense fur are coarse guard hairs that are molted once a year.

Northern fur seals are large marine mammals (mature males can weigh between 700 and 800 pounds) whose current range is largely restricted to high latitudes of the North Pacific Ocean. (Full text)

The Juneau Empire Online Marine researchers are trying to learn why northern fur seals are declining in the Pribilof Islands and increasing on a tiny volcanic island north of Unalaska that didn't exist in its present form a century ago. (Full text)

The fur seals are small, standing about 70-100cm on their flippers with nose in the air.

Fur seals are very agile partly because of the arrangement of their flippers, and partly because being essentially sub-Antarctic seals, they don't have as much blubber as other types. (Full text)

Location Habitat Australian Fur Seals are found mainly in Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania and small patches off the

New Zealand fur seals are found in both New Zealand and Australia, with only a very limited exchange of individuals between these countries.

The Otarids, fur seals and sea lions, are found in temperate colder waters and are associated in tropical latitudes with cold water upwelling currents.

Galapagos Sea Lions are endemic!

The PIXPage - Sea Lions Are Back at Pier 39

The PIXPage - Sea Lions are Back at Pier 39 (Full text)

Sea lions are adapted for movement on land as well as in the water. (Full text)

Interactions The sea lions are occasionally killed by fishermen.

The body of the sea lion is much sleeker than that of the seal, even though sea lions are generally larger than most seals: a male sea lion of certain species can tip the scales at over six hundred pounds, compared to less than four hundred for a large seal.

Sea lions are fast swimmers, going up to 25 mph (40 kph) in short bursts.

Sea lions are known to damage fishing gear and steal or destroy fish in the nets.

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