Stink badgers

Stink badgers

Order : Carnivora
Family : Mustelidae
Subfamily : Melinae
Genus : Mydaus


Animals in the genus Mydaus

Sunda stink badger
Facts about the genus Mydaus, the stink badgers

Although there is some dispute as to whether or not the stink badgers are true badgers, there is no such debate regarding the honey badger, also known as the ratel (Mellivora capensis).

Distribution The distribution of the stink badgers is as follows:

Introduction It's not too difficult to guess why the stink badgers are so called!

lucifer The Indonesian and Palawan stink badgers are sometimes classified in two seperate subgenera: Genus: Mydaus (stink badgers)

Stink badgers are about as long as spotted skunks but as wide as striped skunks.

Stink badgers are primarily nocturnal.

The scientific name for this genus of badgers, Mydaus, is said to be a reference to the unpleasant smell of the stink badgers, being derived from the Greek word mudao ("I am damp"), which in turn is derived from the Greek word for damp or decay, mudos [b005].

The stink badgers are relatively small animals, as badgers go.

[More] Names The stink badgers are well named - both species produce foul-smelling emissions from their anal glands.

As it stands, the classification for the stink badgers is a bit unusual. (Full text)

It does not appear that Palawan stink badgers are sexually dimorphic. (Full text)

Habitat / Behavior: The stink badgers are rather small, short and stocky animals, with pointed snouts, short but muscular legs (with long claws on the front feet) and short tails. (Full text)

The stink badgers are really skunks! (Full text)

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