American river otters

American river otters

Order : Carnivora
Family : Mustelidae
Subfamily : Lutrinae
Genus : Lontra


Animals in the genus Lontra

Northern river otter
Marine otter
Neotropical river otter
Facts about the genus Lontra, the American river otters

Otto Lontra is (c) 2003-2004 by Matt Thies. (Full text)

Lontra is not a member of any public groups

Captain Fabrizio Giovannini commented that their team name Lontra is South American for Beaver, “we are like the fast and cunning animal, and now I have finally seen one in the wilderness and not just in the cartoons. (Full text)

The main objective of Projeto Lontra is to increase the knowledge of the species and its preservation in Brazil.

Otto at Work- Otto Lontra is hard at work on another story Pen and ink and colored pencils 9" x 12"

Otto Lontra is (c) to Matt Thies.

The Lontra is the best of Barbosa, the CRC is the wildpigs of Alternative Funk of Champs Mourão

The present distribution of American River Otters is in most of Canada, Alaska, Northern California & Utah, along the eastern coast of the Atlantic from New Foundland to South Florida.

The breeding cycle of North American river otters is poorly understood in captive animals and it is our goal to be able to maintain the

North American river otters are rich brown on top, with a silvery sheen on the bottom.

North American river otters are semi-aquatic mammals, with long, streamlined bodies, thick tapered tails, and short legs. (Full text)

North American River otters are now listed on the CITES Appendix II list.

Typically inhabiting wetland and aquatic habitats, American river otters are susceptible to water pollution, habitat destruction and wetland drainage.

The North American river otters are popular animals with different segments of the public for different reasons.

* North American river otters are found throughout Alaska, Canada and the contiguous United States.

Animal Description: Canadian, or North American, River Otters are playful little creatures.

year(s) Compatibility: Average (as compared to other ferrets) Category: Mammals » Ferrets Animal Description: Canadian, or North American, River Otters are playful little creatures.

While they are not protected under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, North American River Otters are protected or listed in some states of the US as threatened or endangered. (Full text)

webbed feet, streamlined bodies and a muscular tapered tail, NORTH AMERICAN RIVER OTTERS are well adapted to aquatic habitats.

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