Brown hyena

Brown hyena

Order : Carnivora
Family : Hyaenidae
Subfamily : Hyaeninae
Genus : Parahyaena


Facts about the genus Parahyaena, the brown hyena

Brown hyena are fairly solitary animal and mainly active at night.

Fresh spoor of leopard and brown hyena are seen frequently.

Predators, such as lion, cheetah, leopard and spotted and brown hyena are also housed.

Primarily nocturnal, the Brown Hyena is a medium size animal with a shoulder height of 28 - 35 inches (70 to 80 cm) and weight of approximately 86 lbs (39 kg) kilograms or slightly more.

Spotted hyena and even the rare brown hyena are sometimes recorded here.

The brown hyena is a very close relative of the striped hyena: Hyaena hyaena.

The Brown Hyena is found across Southern Africa and is becoming rarer.

The Brown Hyena is rare and this one was spotted at a dry waterhole.

Typical Kalahari species, such as gemsbok, honey badger, aardwolf and brown hyena, are therefore able to co-exist with animals more common in the eastern, better-watered regions, such as bushbuck, waterbuck and hippopotamus.

Unless in a family group, the brown hyena is solitary, but it sometimes gathers with others in a hunting pack or at a big carcass.

Diet The Brown Hyena is a carnivore which adapted to a scavenging lifestyle. (Full text)

The Brown Hyena is one of the more elusive residents of the Skeleton Coast. (Full text)

"The brown hyena is mainly a scavenger, feeding upon carcasses of large herbivores killed by other animals". (Full text)

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