American spotted cats

American spotted cats

Order : Carnivora
Family : Felidae
Subfamily : Felinae
Genus : Leopardus


Animals in the genus Leopardus

Little spotted cat
Facts about the genus Leopardus, the American spotted cats

Chromodoris leopardus is characterised by leopard-like

is high while that of the similar Chromodoris leopardus is relatively low.

leopardus is used in cage culture; P.

Species Account: Chromodoris leopardus is considered to be common on Okinawa, but only at a single collection site.

The genus Leopardus is frequently used for the ocelot and, although . (Full text)

leopardus described by Fowler in 1914 and the Loricariidae that was formerly known as leopardus is now Pseudacanthicus sp. (Full text)

Conus leopardus is usually found out in the open in sandy or slightly silty areas such as between the coral heads and coral rubble in the photo. (Full text)

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