South American foxes

South American foxes

Order : Carnivora
Family : Canidae
Genus : Pseudalopex


Animals in the genus Pseudalopex

Sechura fox
Hoary fox
Argentine gray fox
Facts about the genus Pseudalopex, the South American foxes

Coyotes, kit and swift foxes, Jackals, the Corsac fox, the hoary fox, the dhole, the South African silver fox , the Cape fox, the maned wolf, the crab-eating fox, and South American foxes are occasionally used by the fur trade.

Crab-eating fox, common zorroSouth American foxes are often referred to by the local name of zorro.

Our primary conclusions are that: (1) the gray fox, raccoon dog and bat-eared fox are basal to the other canids; (2) the fennec fox is the sister group to Vulpes; (3) the South American foxes are monophyletic; (4) the enigmatic bush dog and

PseudalopexPseudalopex is the genus name for South American members of the Canidae family.

South American foxes are often referred to by the local name of zorro.

The South American foxes are more like Canis than are others.

Getting back to Latin for a moment, the 14 foxes of the northern hemisphere are mostly of the genus Vulpes, while the 8 South American foxes are of the genus Pseudalopex (formerly Dusicyon); the African Bat-Eared Fox is species #23, genus Otocyon - but again, it depends on which authority you subscribe to. (Full text)

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