Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Cervidae
Subfamily : Capreolinae
Genus : Pudu


Animals in the genus Pudu

Northern pudu
Southern pudu
Facts about the genus Pudu, the pudus

And the pudus are in his corner.

Due to the Pudus habitat in the dense and darker portions of the forest the number of Pudus is unknown.

From where we stay, pudu is not very far but the jam in KL and everything about KL road and parking make me sick to go there.

Pudus are also reported to be susceptible to hoof and mouth disease.

Pudus are internationally protected through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Range - The Southern Pudu is found in Southern Columbia, Northern Ecuador, and Peru.

The Chilean Pudu is a [CITIES-listed Endangered Species]

The hunting of pudus is prohibited since there are a very few left.

The longevity of pudus is maximally 15 years 9 months according to Jones (1993); more often they die at a younger age.

The northern pudu is a close second.

The principal population of pudus is in Chile's lake district in Region X.

The Pudu is a herbivoros rumiante.

Pudus are solitary and nocturnal, thus rarely encountered. (Full text)

Even the pudus are busy this week (Full text)

) Pudus are terribly endangered. (Full text)

Hey Pudu, is the Obi-wan-Grevious fight a an actually lightsabre duel or just a 2-second slash and miss affair. (Full text)

Ecology and Behavior The pudu is most active during the late afternoon, evening, and morning. (Full text)

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