Brocket deer

Brocket deer

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Cervidae
Subfamily : Capreolinae
Genus : Mazama


Animals in the genus Mazama

Red brocket
Gray brocket
Facts about the genus Mazama, the brocket deer

Mount Mazama is a destroyed stratovolcano in the Oregon part of the Cascade Range.

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Mount Mazama is the name applied to the volcano in which Crater Lake caldera formed. (Full text)

Mazama is situated at 48°36′ N 120°26′ W (http://kvaleberg. (Wiki)

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Communication and Perception One way of communication that has been studied in gray brocket deer is scent-marking, which would include urination, defecation, forehead rubbing and thrashing. (Full text)

Game meat—gibnut (paca), armadillo and brocket deer—is traditionally stewed in pots over open fires.

The brocket deer is mostly nocturnal , very shy and small in size , this beautiful trophy makes for a very challenging hunt . (Full text)

Brocket deer are also stalked, hunted from blinds and trapped, including the use of fixed guns to shoot passing deer. (Full text)

Gray brocket deer are slightly smaller than red brocket deer (Mazama americana). (Full text)

Food Habits Red brocket deer are selective browsers and prefer to feed on fruit.

The Brocket Deer are called in by mouth and shot. (Full text)

Red brocket deer are common in some areas as well. (Full text)

Nearctic Homo sapiens and neotropical red brocket deer (Mazama gouazoupira) [Brazil 1996] Adults of some species of brocket deer are no larger than the fawns of typical North American deer, and have antlers in the form of simple spikes. (Full text)

Predators: Preditores of the Red Brocket Deer are Humans who are destroying their

The tracks of brocket deer are evident on the trails. (Full text)

In a neatly excavated burrow nearby, a naked-tailed armadillo sleeps the day away, while a group of red brocket deer are spooked by an approaching ocelot. (Full text)

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