Red deer and wapiti

Red deer and wapiti

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Cervidae
Subfamily : Cervinae
Genus : Cervus


Animals in the genus Cervus

Elk, red deer, or wapiti
Sika deer
Facts about the genus Cervus, the red deer and wapiti

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Sicut cervus is by many accounts the most outstanding example of religious choral art from the Renaissance.

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Lucanidae The Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus is the largest and most distinctive insect in Britain's fauna, there being about 1200 named species of Stag Beetle world-wide, growing to 8cm (3.

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An important element to consider when yarding fallow and red deer is the different yard requirements.

Red Deer is a small city in central Alberta, Canada, located almost exactly midway between Calgary and Edmonton. (Wiki)

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An interesting difference between the wapiti and red deer is that the winter body weights of our wapiti will go up by 150% from their summer weight, but in the red deer the increase can be up to an amazing 500%! (Full text)

Red Deer is a small city in central Alberta, Canada, located almost exactly between Calgary and Edmonton.

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Wapiti is the Shawnee name for this animal.

Wapiti is only 32 miles from Yellowstone National Park and is the home of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. (Full text)

Commonly called "elk" in this country, wapiti is a preferred name because elsewhere in the world "elk" refers to the animal we call moose.

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The wapiti is grayish brown, with a chestnut mane and yellowish rump patch and short tail. (Full text)

Quite as buffaloes and antelopes, the wapiti is a ruminant having a stomach of four compartments which allows him to feed very quickly, chewing its food just enough to swallow it.

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Wapiti is the American Indian word for Elk and a holler is a ravine, so Wapiti Holler is also known as Elk Ravine.

The red deer are about twice as large as the fallow and more "docile" (though quite unpredictable, occasionally).

Red Deer - Physical Description Red Deer are the largest mammals in Britain. (Full text)

By 1999 there were approximately 14,000 Red Deer on farms in Canada and 20,000 in the United States,Red Deer are more closely related to the Elk (or wapiti, sometimes also referred to as Elk).

There are different races, and they get bigger as you go from the west in Great Britain, across Europe, and to Russia and China where the red deer are the largest. (Full text)

Some say elk and red deer are the same species, continents apart, but you have to hunt one to know one By Jay Strangis

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Red deer are proven survivors, having struggled through the ice age, a period when their natural woodland habitat was buried under ice and when almost every Briton hunted deer.

Red deer are herd animals closely related to Elk, and are about half the size of Elk. (Full text)

Our Georgia Red Deer are grown naturally on native grasses and spring water.

North American Elk, or Wapiti, are considered by some to be an exotic animal but the Roosevelt (also called the Olympic), Manitoban, Rocky Mountain, and Tule Elk are a viable industry livestock. (Full text)

Wapiti are a subspecies of the European red deer.

Wapiti are mountain dwellers.

Wapiti are grazers.

Wapiti are related to European red deer.

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