Axis deer

Axis deer

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Cervidae
Subfamily : Cervinae
Genus : Axis


Animals in the genus Axis

Bawean deer
Facts about the genus Axis, the axis deer

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The reproductive pattern in axis deer is similar to that in domestic cattle. (Full text)

Axis Deer - Diet The primary diet of Axis Deer is grass, especially new weeds and forbs. (Full text)

The common Axis deer is Genus: Axis, subgenus: Axis, Species: Axis axis, also known as Chital, Axis, or Spotted Deer.

The Axis deer is often considered the most beautiful cervid. (Full text)

Spotted deer with a black dorsal stripe, Axis deer, is native to the Himalayas and surrounding areas, but are globally widespread among European settlements including the US. (Full text)

The Axis deer is a native of India.

The axis deer is the most common deer in India.

The axis deer is characterized by three-tined antlers and well-defined spots on a rich red-brown coat.

The axis deer is native to Ceylon and Peninsular India, northward to Kumaon, Nepal, Sikkim, and Bengal (all areas in India).

Axis Deer are incapable of putting on intra-muscular fat; their lean, fat free, naturally tender red meat is considered to be the tastiest of all deer. (Full text)

Axis deer are the most abundant exotic ungulate in Texas. (Full text)

Nowadays Axis Deer are very popular as tame animals, decorating parks and recreation areas. (Full text)

Axis deer are more active by day than by night, with greatest activity occurring for two to three hours after dawn and again before dark.

General It is thought that Axis Deer are not cold tolerant.

Natural History: Axis deer are inhabitants of secondary forest lands broken here and there by glades, with an understory of grasses, forage, and tender shoots which supply adequate drinking water and shade.

Maximizing Bucks Anderson told Environment Hawai`i, the axis deer are "a very challenging pest to deal with.

The higher the fence the more it deters; axis deer are stymied by a relatively low fence (e. (Full text)

Axis deer are pletiful in population, so they need little protection by conservation groups; you can view a picture of one online. (Full text)

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