Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Bovinae
Genus : Taurotragus


Facts about the genus Taurotragus, the elands

·Elands is taking hits.

A third species of Taurotragus is known as the bongo.

Although elands are massive, they are excellent jumpers and can clear heights of 1.

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Description: Elands are the largest antelopes of Africa, standing nearly 2 m high at the shoulder, and a fully grown male may weigh over 700 kg.

Elands are endangered mostly because they are hunted for their hide and flesh which is claimed to be excellent.

Elands are solitary animals.

Elands is located on Tourist Drive 8 and 40 minutes drive west of Wingham.

Elands is lucky in that it has a fairly remote feel to it even though it's home to a major tourist spot, the scenic Ellenborough Falls, only a 40 minute drive to the Taree airport and the major Pacific Highway that runs north on the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Brisbane.

Elands is one of the UK leaders in small animal minimally invasive surgery.

Food: Elands are browsers and grazers.

In spite of their size, elands are extraordinary jumpers, leaping up to 8 feet from a near standing start.

The gestation period for elands is 8 or 9 months.

The green wall The long wall at Elands is eminently rippable.

The name Eland comes from the fact that the railroad officials in the junction area saw large herds of deer, and elands are a species of deer native to Africa.

The smaller female elands are thought to be much more vulnerable to predators.

The social organization of elands is somewhat different from that of other antelopes.

Use of bite planes and other orthodontic devices) and Oral surgery (fracture repair, oral tumours, radical extraction in refractory gingivo-stomatitis cases and repair of oro-nasal fistulation) With these new and exciting developments Elands is well prepared to meet the challenges of the new millennium with a greater range of facilities and, more importantly, an even better quality of care for your

Herd of 20 - 25 elands are domesticated at Bamburi Forestry. (Full text)

The Eland (Taurotragus) is the king of African antelope. (Full text)

unbelievably clear night sky star watching (we are on the very top of a hill, at the edge of a 600m plateau, with no "light pollution" from urban centres) Elands is a small village on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia. (Full text)

The Common and Giant Elands are sometimes classified as part of this group with the subgenus Taurotragus, but taurotragus is usually considered its own genus. (Full text)

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