Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Caprinae
Genus : Rupicapra


Animals in the genus Rupicapra

Pyrenean chamois
Facts about the genus Rupicapra, the chamois

100% cotton double-napped chamois is machine washable and dryable and gets softer with washing.

CHAMOIS (antilope rupicapra) is now totally unknown in western Asia, where it very probably never existed.

Chamois A Chamois is a type of goat.

Chamois are very distinctive animals.

CHAMOIS The chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) is a ruminating mammal of the family Bovidea, order Artiodactyla found in south Europe and west Asia.

Chamois, Missouri Chamois, Missouri in the news Chamois is a city located in Osage County, Missouri.

Its skin is made into chamois leather, and the tufts of hair along the back of the male chamois are displayed in hunters caps.

Project UNIX name: rupicapra Project name: Rupicapra mail Project description: Rupicapra is (going to bee) a console (newt) application for reading email.

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The Chamois are a small nimble animal so don’t require a large caliber, but the rifle should be flat shooting with good optics.

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rupicapra is primarily diurnal, and mates in the period between the end of October and December. (Full text)

Chamois is a city located in Osage County, Missouri. (Wiki)

Please note: chamois are natural skins and nature grows them in irregular sizes. (Full text)

General Info rupicapra is (will be) a free console email client. (Full text)

Design Rupicapra is still being designed. (Full text)

Rupicapra is (going to bee) a console (newt) application for reading email. (Full text)

Attractive paper shade in a Chamois is to be used with a 60-watt maximum candelabra bulb. (Full text)

If you'd like to know more about chamois and cleaning chamois leather, you can read about it on our frequently asked questions page, which describes what chamois is, (Full text)

The flesh of Rupicapra is prized as food by some people, the skin is made into "shammy" leather for cleaning glass and polishing automobiles, and the winter hair from the back is used to make the "gamsbart," the brush of Tyrolean hats. (Full text)

Iyagri Chamois are manufactures and suppliers of the high quality chamois leather to wholesale outlets across UK, Australia, Belgium, State Of Kuwait, Lebenon and Canada. (Full text)

Due to their tasty meat, chamois are popular game animals; the tuft of hair from the back of the neck is traditionally used as a "gamsbart" (literally chamois beard), a decoration commonly worn on hats throughout the alpine countries. (Full text)

^The chamois or izard (Rupicapra rupicapra) is a typical inhabitant of many euroasiatic high mountains. (Full text)

^The pyrenean chamois is fortunately present in sufficient number in some zones of the Catalan Pyrnees, that its hunting for population control is allowed during a short period of the year. (Full text)

by SkipkaKamzik vrchovsky (Rupicapra rupicapra) is a symbol of High Tatras and sometimes if you are lucky and not loud when trekking or hiking, you can see them grazing :) Kamzik is also the symbol and emblem of TANAP (Tatra National Park) with its seat in Tatranska Lomnica. (Full text)

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