Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Reduncinae
Genus : Redunca


Animals in the genus Redunca

Mountain reedbuck
Facts about the genus Redunca, the reedbucks

Reedbucks are fawn-colored, except for their undersides, which are white, and their front legs, which may have dark and light markings.

The warning call of the reedbucks is a repeated shrill ‘whee’, almost like the scream of a child, that doesn’t seem like it would be coming from an antelope.

Reedbucks are medium-sized and have a yellowish-brown coat with a white underbelly.

Role: herbivore Food: Bohor’s reedbucks are exclusively grazers.

The reedbucks are placed in the genus Redunca while the waterbucks, kobs and lechwes are placed in the genus Kobus.

Waterbucks and Reedbucks are found in the sub-family Reduncinae, which contains 8 species of antelope all of which dwell in marshes, floodplains or other well-watered areas.

redunca is reported to live as long as 18 years in captivity. (Full text)

Reedbucks are semi-gregarious. (Full text)

Southern mountain reedbucks are found from the eastern Cape Province to southeastern Botswana. (Full text)

Bohar Reedbucks are distributed throughout the Sahel and are likely for Egypt during the early Holocene (C. (Full text)

Bucks Reedbuck Reedbuck, Redunca redunca, is a grass-eater with very good sight, hearing and sense of smell. (Full text)

Female and young male reedbucks are known to leap into the air and whistle in what scientists have called a "rocking horse" display--a behavior they think is designed to appease adult males. (Full text)

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