Grysboks and steenbok

Grysboks and steenbok

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Antilopinae
Genus : Raphicerus


Animals in the genus Raphicerus

Cape grysbok
Facts about the genus Raphicerus, the grysboks and steenbok

15) Pathological features Few data on pathology of steenbok are available.

Behavior: The steenbok is active both day and night constantly moving in search of food.

De Steenbok is een praktisch ingesteld persoon.

Karaktereigenschappen:De steenbok is hardnekkig en ondubbelzinneg in zijn wilskracht die op één enkel doel is gericht.

Slender-legged and with sharp-featured faces, steenbok are generally found in pairs scattered throughout the open bushveld, especially where the grass cover is fairly short.

Steenbok are active during the day.

Steenbok are best described as small antelope with big ears.

Steenbok are normally solitary, except when a mother is with her young or when a male and female are courting.

Steenbok are small antelope that can be found in a wide range of habitats in southern and eastern Africa, from open plains to open woodland.

Steenbok De steenbok is een praktisch ingesteld persoon.


Steenbok Steenbok are small, solitary, wildly distributed antelope that prefer open county and largely absent from dense forest.

STEENBOK The steenbok (Raphicerus) is a genus of antelope found in open or thinly wooded and hilly places from the Cape of Good Hope to the Zambezi River in Africa.

The steenbok is a small antelope that lives on the plains of South Africa, as well as Tanzania, south Kenya and Mozambique.

6 lbs) Closely resembling Raphicerus campestris, or steenboks, cape grysboks are small antelopes. (Full text)

Steenbok 22 december - 20 januari De Steenbok is een praktisch ingesteld persoon. (Full text)

De levensles van de Steenbok is dat hij moet leren macht te krijgen en te behouden over zijn mogelijkheden, ambities, bestemming en prioriteiten. (Full text)

Steenbok are graceful looking antelope with characteristic large, pale ears and at times almost appear (Full text)

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Steenbok are diurnal animals and do not depend on availability of water. (Full text)

Steenbok are mixed feeders, preferring a rich diet of easily digestible forbs and grasses. (Full text)

When the steenbok is distressed it emits pitiful screams. (Full text)

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