Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Caprinae
Genus : Ovis


Animals in the genus Ovis

Bighorn sheep
Dall's sheep
Facts about the genus Ovis, the sheep

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Sheep Is Life (Full text)

Sheep @ Purdue: A Sick Sheep is Not Always a Dead Sheep

Every fifteen minutes 24/7 a new sheep is born and distributed to all clients for display. (Full text)

The Sheep is the ending year of the cycle. (Full text)

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The summer coat is a rich, glossy brown but it becomes quite faded by late winter The male sheep is called a ram and can be recognized by his massive brown horns. (Full text)

Some sources even hypothesize that the European mouflon actually developed from the first domestic sheep in European being allowed to become feral and that all sheep are actually descendants of the Asiatic mouflon. (Full text)

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Sheep Are Highly Adept at Recognizing Faces, Study Shows (Full text)

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Reasons Sheep Are Better Than Women Reasons Sheep are Better Than Women

Sheep are mammals toocallPoll();

"Obviously, sheep are intelligent animals. (Full text)

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