Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Antilopinae
Genus : Neotragus


Animals in the genus Neotragus

Facts about the genus Neotragus, the antelopes

Neotragus is often used synonymously with Nesotragus.

Neotragus is represented by the pigmy royal (C telope (N.

Perhaps most unique of the antelopes is the gerenuk.

ANTELOPES"ANTELOPES" is a plural of: antelope.

Antelopes is a site (really? (Full text)

Gestation time for small to medium-sized antelopes is four to six months.

This antelopes is distinguished from true antelopes by the absence of spiral rings on its horns. (Full text)

The difference between mice and antelopes is really, really important relative to Major Gifts!

As opposed to the desert's domesticated animals - cattle, goats and camels - the grazing of the desert antelopes is concentrated on certain plants that are essential for the prevention of Sahara's progressive spread.

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Zo Message: My only experience with antelopes is with the african variety - duikes, (Full text)

The great majority of antelopes are native to Africa.

These large, reddish brown antelopes are a prime source of food for the savannah predators.

O, and if you are wondering what antelopes are dont worry it is not that important and I just wanted to tell everyone that you were born by a stork. (Full text)

Antelopes are herbivores, eating different plants so those living in the same habitats do not compete with each other for food. (Full text)

Antelopes are related to other cud chewing animals such as sheep, cows, camels, deer, and goats. (Full text)

Tibetan Antelopes Tibetan Antelopes are also called "chiru", and live in the remote plateaus of Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces of China and in some parts of India.

These six antelopes are among the most striking elements of the natural heritage common to 15 Saharan and circum-Saharan countries. (Full text)

Printouts Antelopes are hoofed animals with hollow horns.

Antelopes are big.

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