Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Caprinae
Genus : Hemitragus


Animals in the genus Hemitragus

Himalayan tahr
Facts about the genus Hemitragus, the tahrs

The tahr, genus Hemitragus, is the common name for three species of mountain-dwelling Asian goat-antelopes. (Wiki)

Tahr The tahr, genus Hemitragus, is the common name for three species of mountain-dwelling Asian goat-antelopes.

Yet time for any rescue effort to save the remaining tahrs is running out: The moratorium on the extermination program expires October 1. (Full text)

Mail & Guardian Online: Minister says shooting tahrs is the 'right thing to do'

Earlier in the week the new Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Marthinus van Schalkwyk said he had no doubt that the decision to cull Table Mountain's alien tahrs is the right thing to do.

"The South African National Parks has so many vital conservation challenges upon which to spend their very limited money, to expect them to pay for the capture and relocation (of the tahrs) is wrong. (Full text)

"What we're going to do about the tahrs is turn it upside down.

"Culling tahrs is nothing new. (Full text)

In fact klipspringers were extinct on TM long before the Tahrs arrived, and the presence of the few remaining Tahrs is irrelevant to any re-introduction of the species.

The killing of these non-aggressive tahrs is most tragic; what have they done to deserve such a fate?

"Culling tahrs is nothing new.

The park authority that oversees the Table Mountain nature reserve, the Cape Peninsula National Park, says the tahrs are an invasive species that threaten the survival of indigenous species. (Full text)

The Table Mountain tahrs are relatives of a pair that were brought to a former zoo in Cape Town in 1918. (Full text)

Other tahrs are the Arabian tahr of Oman, and the Nilgiri tahr of southern India. (Full text)

com - Marksmen to face charges if any tahrs are merely maimed (Full text)

Tahrs are vulnerable in their native Himalayan habitat, but as a species, world-wide, they are abundant.

Allegations have started from SANPARKs, using their many media spin doctors, that the tahrs are too inbred or diseased, and that they are not endangered as the Indian government claims.

Nilgiri Tahrs are found in the Nilgiri Hills, the Anamalai Hills and the hill ranges of central Kerala.

Clareinch 7740, Cape Town RSA Its now June 2004 and the Tahrs are being destroyed. (Full text)

Tahrs are in the family Bovidae with other even-toed, horned ungulates like cattle and antelope. (Wiki)

Since the Wild Life Protection Act came into existence in 1972, all the animals including the Tahrs are well protected. (Full text)

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