Gnus and wildebeest

Gnus and wildebeest

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Alcelaphinae
Genus : Connochaetes


Animals in the genus Connochaetes

Black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu
Blue wildebeest
Facts about the genus Connochaetes, the gnus and wildebeest

The genus Connochaetes is represented by the black wildebeest (C.

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Wildebeest Is exactly like mammoth exept that he is on the good side

Printouts The Gnu or Wildebeest is a fast-running plant-eater from eastern African grasslands.

The migration of the wildebeest is only the most obvious aspect of the complex ecosystem that is the Serengetti Plains.

Wow, one wildebeest is much less qualitative than a indicative deer.

The head of the wildebeest is large and box like.

Wildebeest is a 132-processor Beowulf cluster, located at City University of New York, and administered by the Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software (CAISS) at City College. (Full text)

WILDEBEEST The wildebeest is an odd-looking animal. (Full text)

The wildebeest is sometimes also called a gnu.

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Predictably Wildebeest are the best in PVAC

Wildebeest are often seen in the company of zebras. (Full text)

DIET: Wildebeest are exclusively short grass grazers, though they are not particular as to the type of these grasses.

5 million white-bearded wildebeest are believed to be present. (Full text)

Diet - Wildebeest are grazers. (Full text)

Blue Wildebeest Wildebeest are also referred to as Gnu

Large herds of wildebeest are located in the plains and acacia of eastern Africa.

Social life of Wildebeest from an African Handbook "Male wildebeest are territorial, the herds comprise females and their young or bachelor males.

Wildebeest are gregarious, forming small herds each averaging four to eight animals, but often congregating in large herds of 100 and more.

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