Lesser Masked-Owl

The Moluccan Masked Owl , also known as the Lesser Masked Owl, Effraie Des Tanimbar or Lechuza De Las Tanimbar, is a species of owl in the Tytonidae family. It is endemic to Indonesia.

The Lesser Masked-Owl is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.

Lesser Masked Owl, Lesser Masked-Owl, Moluccan Masked Owl, Tanimbar Owl Common Names in Estonian: V�ike-Loorkakk Common Names in Finnish: Buruntornip�ll�, Tenimberintornip�ll� Common Names in French: Effraie De Baru, Effraie Des Tanimbar Common Names in German: Molukkeneule Common Names in Italian: Barbagianni Minore Common Names in Japanese: Oomenfukurou Common Names in Latin: More

Order : Strigiformes
Family : Tytonidae
Genus : Tyto
Species : sororcula
Authority : (Sclater, 1883)