Ringed Storm-Petrel

The breeding biology of the Hornby's Storm-petrel is a mystery, as its colonies and nests have never been found. It is thought to breed between March and July, as this is when fledglings are regularly seen at sea around Lima and Antofagasta . There have also been reports of mummified fledglings and adults found in crevices in the Atacama Desert 50 km from the sea, and even reports of one fledgling being seen 150km from the sea, and one unproven report of a bird flying into a nest in the town of Caraz in Peru, 100km from the sea.

The Ringed Storm-Petrel is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.

Storm-petrel and the Ringed Storm-petrel, even the sites of their breeding colonies remain a mystery. Storm-petrels face the same threats as other seabirds, in particular they are threatened by introduced species. The Guadalupe Storm-petrel was driven to extinction by feral cats, and introduced predators such as have also been responsible for declines in other species. Habitat degradation which limits nesting opportunities caused by introduced goats and pigs is also a problem, especially if it increases competition from more aggressive burrowing petrels. More

I know that uses Ringed Storm-Petrel is the recent Clements and Shany travesty for Peru. Are people losing the point here? As in: Hornby's Storm-Petrel is an ENGLISH name, and to the best of my knowledge the languages in South America are predominantly Spanish and Portuguese. More

Ringed Storm-Petrel - Photo copyright Don RobersonRinged Storm-Petrel Photo copyright Don Roberson Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel - Photo copyright Don RobersonFork-tailed Storm-PetrelPhoto copyright Don Roberson ... More

beautiful Cape Petrel and Ringed Storm-Petrel as well as plenty of Waved Albatrosses and several Peruvian Diving-Petrels. This report is briefer than normal because I have so little time to write it up before heading off to other places. However, I'll share some photos from the tour to help tell the story... The fruit feeders at Amazonia Lodge offer endless entertainment as tanagers and other species interact. More

The equivalent in Spanish of Ringed Storm-Petrel is used in Chile and Peru. Consequently, I am at a loss to explain why some authors continue to use Hornby's Storm-Petrel which is not diagnostic. In this case it would be truly a loss if Ringed Storm-Petrel, a descriptive name, is changed to a patronym. Proposal.- It is time to standardize a name. I propose that Ringed Storm-Petrel be retained as the English name for Oceanodroma hornbyi by SACC. More

Order : Procellariiformes
Family : Hydrobatidae
Genus : Oceanodroma
Species : hornbyi
Authority : (G. R. Gray, 1864)