British storm-petrel

It breeds on inaccessible islands in the north Atlantic and western Mediterranean, with the core population in western Ireland, northwest Scotland and the Faroe Islands, where the worldwide biggest colony breeds on the island of Nólsoy. It nests in colonies close to the sea in burrows or rock crevices. It lays a single white egg.

The British storm-petrel is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

the British Storm-Petrel, are super rarities occasionally found on these trips As you can see from NatureServe Range Map, it is far from where it is normally found. On the other hand, a lot of information on ranges is still to be documented. If you would like to be informed of future Seabird posts, Click Here. Comments (0) No Comments » - No comments yet. More

The British Storm-Petrel is considered to be an accidental species in North America. Indeed, it is found more commonly in the north-eastern sector of the Atlantic, from Iceland to Spain, and in the Mediterranean regions. A migratory bird, it spends its winters mainly in South Africa. Its length is 14 to 19 cm, with a wingspan of 36 to 39 cm, and weighs 23 to 29 g. More

British Storm-Petrel at Hudson Canyon, NJ 1994-95 31 Brady Alan First confirmed NJ Record of Black-capped Petrel 1990-91 21 Brady Alan Long-tailed Jaeger with unusually white primaries 1998-99 71 Brady Alan Jaeger show in Hudson Canyon 1990-91 More

British Storm-Petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) was submitted for comments to this listwerve. By clicking on his website, one can view the photo and a close-up, and see some comments from other folks. As I am chair of the NC Bird Records Committee, I'm obviously interested in comments. Note that there are no records (or even sight reports) for NC waters previously. There are a very few specimens for the Atlantic coast (including a very old one from SC, I believe). More

Storm-Petrel The British Storm-Petrel is consid … more → Tags: birds of america, 340, 342 Older Brother drglass wrote 1 year ago: Corpse 21 … more → Tags: corpse, AIR PLANES, older brothers, Daydreams, Lovers, .:., 665, Drew Hornbein, Mick Egan Exercises 34.2-1 yuhanlyu wrote 2 years ago: The certificate is the vertex mapping function. If we have the mapping function. More

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Original source: Collection Georges Declercq
Author: Collection Georges Declercq
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Order : Procellariiformes
Family : Hydrobatidae
Genus : Hydrobates
Species : pelagicus
Authority : (Linnaeus, 1758)