Indian Cormorant

This is a common and widespread bird species, which breeds in freshwater wetlands. 3–6 eggs are laid in a nest in a tree.

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The Indian Cormorant is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

* Indian Cormorant, Phalacrocorax fuscicollis * Cape Cormorant, Phalacrocorax capensis * Socotra Cormorant, Phalacrocorax nigrogularis * Wahlberg's Cormorant or Bank Cormorant, Phalacrocorax neglectus * Temminck's Cormorant or Japanese Cormorant, Phalacrocorax capillatus * Brandt's Cormorant, Phalacrocorax penicillatus * Spectacled Cormorant, Phalacrocorax perspicillatus - extinct (c. More

The Indian Cormorant (Phalacrocorax fuscicollis) is a member of the cormorant family of seabirds. It breeds in tropical Asia from Oman, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka into Southeast Asia. It is resident but undertakes some seasonal movements. This is a common and widespread bird species, which breeds in freshwater wetlands. 3–6 eggs are laid in a nest in a tree. This is a smallish, slender, cormorant with a triangular head profile. It is 63 cm in length. More

The Indian Cormorant can dive to considerable depths, but usually feeds in shallow water. It frequently brings prey to the surface. A wide variety of fish are taken. Size:63 cm - marius-secan ha puntuado esta nota como More

Indian Cormorant Phalacrocorax fuscicollis - Adult in breeding plumage Indian Cormorant Photographer : More

* Indian Cormorant, Phalacrocorax fuscicollis - tentatively placed here * Socotran Cormorant, Phalacrocorax nigrogularis - tentatively placed here * Pied Cormorant or Yellow-faced Cormorant, Phalacrocorax varius * Black-faced Cormorant, Phalacrocorax fuscescens - tentatively placed here Spotted group: placed in Stictocarbo ("Leucocarboninae"); indeed, they would be the only members of this possibly distinct genus More

Indian Cormorant is mainly black in the breeding season, with white neck plumes and a whitish throat. The wing-coverts are silvery and it has a longish tail. This species can be separated from the similar looking Little Cormorant (Phalacrocorax niger) by its slender bill, more peaked appearance to its head and lack of the glossy black plumage of the smaller bird. It is also more gregarious and is often found in larger bodies of water and rivers. More

Indian Cormorant - Photograph by Ron Saldino Scientific name is (Phalacrocorax fuscicollis). This bird, also called Indian Shag, is a locally common breeding resident. It is found in wetlands of Haryana. It is a large, dark water bird with a long, hooked bill, long thin neck and long tail. It is often seen with its wings spread in order to dry them. More

INDIAN CORMORANT * Phalacrocorax fuscicollis * 63 cms previous Click here to comment on this image next Site Map Oriental Bird Club Copyright of all images is retained by Vijay Cavale and respective copyright owners. More

Here is an Indian Cormorant Phalacrocorax fuscicollis skimming over the waters of the Cauvery at Ranganthittu. Owing to its colour and size, the cormorant is a difficult bird to photograph and this is one of the few successful flight shots I have managed. I like the background to this image, in particular, the soft pastel shades. More

Also known as the Indian cormorant, the Indian shag is found almost throughout the Indian subcontinent excluding the higher reaches of the Himalayas and on the island country of Sri Lanka. This glistening black duck-like waterfowl is only slightly bigger than a duck in size. The breeding birds will have white feathered tufts behind eyes and white speckles on head and neck, while the immature birds are a bronze-brown on the above and white bellied. More

Indian Cormorant - Phalacrocorax fuscicollis Cormoran à cou brun = Cormoran à cou brun Gallery : © Thierry Bécret Order : Pélécaniformes Family : Phalacrocoracidae Species : Indian Cormorant Reference: thbe75909 Other pictures Date taken : 2009 Jul Geographic data Country : Thailand (th) Region : Changwat Phetchaburi Place : Laem Phak Bia Latitude : More

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Order : Pelecaniformes
Family : Phalacrocoracidae
Genus : Phalacrocorax
Species : fuscicollis
Authority : Stephens, 1826