Buff-breasted Wren

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical mangrove forests, subtropical or tropical swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

The Buff-breasted Wren is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Buff-breasted Wren (Cantorchilus leucotis) is a species of bird in the Troglodytidae family, the wrens. It is found in the Amazon Basin of northern Brazil and Amazonian Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and northern-border Bolivia; also the Guianan countries Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana. It occurs in non-Amazonian regions of Venezuela and Colombia and its range extends into eastern Panama. More

White-banded Swallow and Buff-breasted Wren alongside more some common species typical of open/degraded areas including Ruddy-Ground Dove, Great Kiskadee, Smooth-billed Ani, Southern Rough-winged Swallow, Blue-gray Tanager and Palm Tanager. Above a visible cleared hillside with the usual American Black and Turkey Vultures were Hook-billed Kite and Short-tailed Hawk. More

Buff-breasted Wren, Rusty-fronted Tody-Flycatcher,Great Antshrike, Hoatzin, White-necked Thrush, Stripe-necked Tody-Tyrant, Red-eyed Vireo, Plain-breasted Ground-Dove, Buff-throated Saltator, Cobalt-winged Parakeet, Drab Water-Tyrant, Gray-breasted Martin, White-banded Swallow, Hook-billed Kite and Short-tailed Hawk, Bluish-fronted Jacamar, White-lined Tanagers and Yellow-breasted Flycatcher. Later we head up the road towards Yurimaguas and the Tunnel. Here some of the keybirds are Dotted Tanager, Purplish Euphonia, Koepcke More

Buff-breasted Wren Thryothorus leucotis = Described by: Lafresnaye (1845) Alternate common name(s): Buff-bellied Wren Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors Photographs Mocambinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Feb, 2002 More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Troglodytidae
Genus : Thryothorus
Species : leucotis
Authority : Lafresnaye, 1845