Moustached Warbler

It is scarce north of its range, but has occurred as a very rare vagrant as far as Poland and Denmark. There are a few reports from Great Britain, including a pair breeding in Cambridgeshire in 1946, but these records have recently been removed from the official list of British birds.

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The Moustached Warbler is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Moustached Warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon, is an Old World warbler in the genus Acrocephalus. It breeds in southern Europe and southern temperate Asia with a few in north-west Africa. It is partially migratory. South west European birds are resident, south east European birds winter in the Mediterranean breeding range, and the Asiatic race migrates to Arabia and Pakistan. It is scarce north of its range, but has occurred as a very rare vagrant as far as Poland and Denmark. More

Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon - Black-browed Reed Warbler Acrocephalus bistrigiceps copyright Sujan Chatterjee A third small Acrocephalus, which winters in North India, is the somewhat elusive Moustached Warbler (Acrocephalus melanopogon). More

12410 - Moustached Warbler - Acrocephalus melanopogon 2 projects with different combinations, but in order to help you making a first selection, this combination/colour is used : - - - - - colour codes for colour marks : R Red P Pale-Blue M Metal ring W White O Orange G Dark-Green C Dark-Pink (carmine) L Light-Green (lime) K Light-Pink N Black (niger) B Blue (dark) Y Yellow V More

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Notes on Moustached Warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon Pls use the mousewheel to zoom in/out (Max 2X) Moustached Warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon mimicus, Adult Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon mimicus, Adult Sultanpur, Haryana, India, 17 January 2010. Foggy conditions allowed me to be very near the bird, but I am really not sure whether it was unaware of my presence. More

Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon Other Names Records Books & Links Order: Passeriformes Family: Sylviidae BTO Codes: , MOUWA EURING No: 12410 Number in Britain: Unavailable Conservation Status: More

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Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon ssp. Al Wathba Lake, 10.01.2008 - Al Wathba Lake, 06.01.2008 - Green Mubazzarah, 09.12.2006 - Dubai Pivot Fields, 02.12. More

Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon mimicus Moustached Warbler Photographer : More

Moustached Warbler - Acrocephalus melanopogon Lusciniole à moustaches = Lusciniole à moustaches Comment : J'essaierai de faire mieux à la prochaine rencontre !! Warblers of the Great Lakes Region and Eastern North America Gallery : © Jean-Pierre Trouillas Site web : Jean-Pierre Trouillas Portfolio Order : Passériformes Family : Acrocephalidae Species : Moustached Warbler Reference: jptr82650 Other pictures Date taken : More

song, male Moustached Warblers can be regarded as one of the most complex singers within the genus Acrocephalus. We found significant differences between males for almost all song parameters investigated (repertoire size, switching and repetition rate, song speed and strophe length) but not for time spent singing per 20 minutes. This individual variation probably is an important cue for female mate choice. Male Moustached Warblers achieve song complexity mainly via frequent syllable switching. More

Moustached Warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon Sylviidae (OLD WORLD WARBLERS) Moustached Warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon This photo was taken in: Turkey The photo was taken by: Chris Batty Turkey reports Birdwatching trip reports from Turkey Birdwatching trip reports from around the world Identification Notes: Submit Identification notes for this photo here More

Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon Following a comprehensive review of all records, this species is removed from the British List. A paper detailing the review is currently in preparation for publication in British Birds. Masked Shrike Lanius nubicus Added to Category A on the basis of one seen at Kilrenny, Fife from 29 October to 14 November 2004. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Sylviidae
Genus : Acrocephalus
Species : melanopogon
Authority : (Temminck, 1823)