Pohnpei Starling

The Pohnpei Starling reached a size of 19 cm. It was generally dark with sooty brown upperparts. The head was darker and exhibit a black forehead and black lores. The wings, the rump, the uppertail coverts and the tail were paler and were showing a stronger brown colouring at the head. The underparts were washed olive brown. The bill and the feet were black. The iris was brown. The juveniles were looking similar to the adults except for the upperparts of their plumage which had exhibit a paler brown. Its call consists of a bell-like shrill see-ay.

The Pohnpei Starling is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Pohnpei Starling (Aplonis pelzelni), also known as Pohnpei Mountain Starling or Ponape Mountain Starling, is an extremely rare or possibly extinct bird from the family of starlings (Sturnidae). It is (or was) endemic to the island of Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) in the Pacific Ocean. It was called "sie" (pronounced see-ah) by the Pohnpei islanders. It was named after the Austrian ornithologist August von Pelzeln (1825–1891). More

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Pohnpei Mountain Starling, Pohnpei Starling, Pohnpie Mountain Starling, Ponape Starling Common Names in Finnish: Pohnpeinkottarainen Common Names in French: �tourneau De Pelzeln, Stourne De Ponapé, Stourne De Ponap� Common Names in German: Pelzelnstar Common Names in Italian: Storno Di Pohnpei, Storno Di Ponape Common Names in Japanese: Himekarasumodoki Common Names in Latin: Aplonas pelzelni More

The skin of a male Pohnpei Starling in Leiden was probably collected by Finsch, since it was obtained from the Godeffroy Museum in Hamburg, which financed Finsch's voyage. On Pohnpei the starlings survived much longer than on Kosrae. The last reliable sighting dates from 1956. In 1995 a specimen was shot by a local hunter and donated to American researchers. After that the species has not been no sighted again. More

* Pohnpei Starling, Aplonis pelzelni * Polynesian Starling, Aplonis tabuensis * Samoan Starling, Aplonis atrifusca * Rarotonga Starling, Aplonis cinerascens * Yellow-faced Myna, Mino dumontii * Golden Myna, Mino anais * Long-tailed Myna, Mino kreffti * Sulawesi Myna, Basilornis celebensis * Helmeted Myna, Basilornis galeatus More

Stamps showing Pohnpei Starling Aplonis pelzelni Pohnpei Starling Aplonis pelzelni Pohnpei Starling Aplonis pelzelni 205.003 Pohnpei Starling IOC v2.4: 8153 Links will open countrypage in new window - Micronesia 01.08.1988 Birds - Micronesia 30.06. More

Pohnpei Starling (Aplonis pelzelni) = French: Stourne de Ponapé German: Pelzelnstar Spanish: Estornino de Ponapé Other common names: Pohnpei Mountain Starling Taxonomy: Aplonis pelzelni Finsch, 1876, Pohnpei, Caroline Islands. Genus name sometimes given as Aplornis (see page 659). Monotypic. Distribution: Pohnpei, in E Caroline Is. More

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The Pohnpei Starling (Aplonis pelzelni), also known as Pohnpei Mountain Starling or Ponape Mountain Starling, is an extremely rare or possible extinct bird. More

Pohnpei Starling (Aplonis pelzelni) CR Kosrae Starling (Aplonis corvina) EX Micronesian Starling (Aplonis opaca) LC Threats and conservation Loss of forest is a serious problem in some parts of this EBA. More

* Pohnpei Starling, Aplonis pelzelni (possibly extinct, c.2000) * Polynesian Starling, Aplonis tabuensis * Samoan Starling, Aplonis atrifusca * Kosrae Island Starling, Aplonis corvina (extinct, mid-19th century) * Mysterious Starling, Aplonis mavornata (extinct, mid-19th century) * Rarotonga Starling, Aplonis cinerascens: It is endemic to the Cook Islands. More

* Pohnpei Starling, Aplonis pelzelni (possibly extinct, c. More

One such is the Pohnpei starling, on Pohnpei island in the Federated States of Micronesia. Recently feared vanished, there have now been reports of sightings in the central mountains. "We think there is a high likelihood, given the people who are making these reports, that it is there." Birdlife International is now organising an expedition for next year to seek out the elusive starling, "to find out why it is so rare, and to take conservation action to save it. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Sturnidae
Genus : Aplonis
Species : pelzelni
Authority : Finsch, 1876