Tall-grass wetland tapaculo

It is a small, dumpy bird with broad tail-feathers and a total length of approximately 12.5 cm. The upperparts are plain blackish in colour while the underparts are dark grey. The flanks are slightly barred with brown, at least in young birds. The legs are reddish-brown and the bill is dark. The song includes a long series of short 'tchek' notes. The birds run rapidly and will fly short distances when flushed.

The Tall-grass wetland tapaculo is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

Tall-grass Wetland Tapaculo Scytalopus iraiensis se Brazil: Paran More

One other tapaculo, the tall-grass wetland tapaculo, that lives in the marshes of southern Brazil, is Endangered, facing a high risk of extinction, due to human development. The population of Tacarcula tapaculos is holding steady, but is considered Vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction, because of clearing of forests and potential road building in its habitat along on the border of Panama and Colombia. Five other species are considered Near Threatened, in danger of becoming threatened with extinction, and face declining populations. More

other recently described species, the Tall-grass Wetland Tapaculo of Parana, Brazil. Posted by: Paul Van Gasse, Kruibeke, Belgium van_gasse@belgonet.be Other Topics Related to Conservation Rediscovered Brazilian Birds Help save new bird in Brazil! KWFN Home Page Webmaster: Neil E. Taylor Copyright More

Tall-grass Wetland Tapaculo in English, this novelty will be presented to the scientific world in the next edition of the magazine More

We found the Tall-grass Wetland Tapaculo in only 3 areas that don't add to 10 hectares altogether. In two of these areas, the new species is very rare because of the high level of degeneration of the environment. These places are being filled to allow human occupation and shortly will completely disappear. In the other area the species is abundant, but this place will also disappear. More

Tall-grass Wetland Tapaculo EN Scytalopus panamensis Tacarcuna Tapaculo VU Scytalopus novacapitalis Bras More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Rhinocryptidae
Genus : Scytalopus
Species : iraiensis
Authority : Bornschein, Reinert and Pichorim, 1998