Blue-fronted Flycatcher

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montanes.

The Blue-fronted Flycatcher is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Blue-fronted Flycatcher (Cyornis hoevelli) is a species of bird in the Muscicapidae family. It is endemic to Indonesia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montanes. References - * BirdLife International 2004. Cyornis hoevelli. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 25 July 2007. Stub icon This article about an Old World flycatcher is a stub. More

* Blue-fronted Flycatcher, an Indonesian bird in the Muscicapidae family * Blue-fronted Lancebill, a South American bird in the Trochilidae family * Blue-fronted Lorikeet, an Indonesian bird in the Psittacidae family * Blue-fronted Parrotlet, a South American bird in the Psittacidae family * Blue-fronted Redstart, an Asian bird in the Muscicapidae family More

Blue-fronted Flycatcher Cyornis hoevelli = Described by: Meyer, A. B. (1903) Alternate common name(s): Hoevell's Flycatcher, Celebes Flycatcher, Hoevell's Niltava, Celebes Niltava, Blue-fronted Blue-flycatcher Old scientific name(s): Niltava hoevelli Photographs No photographs are available for this species Range C. and se. More

Blue-fronted Flycatcher Cyornis hoevelli - Male Blue-fronted Flycatcher Photographer : More

species overview :: Blue-fronted Flycatcher (Cyornis hoevelli) = Nr. More

* Blue-fronted Flycatcher, Cyornis hoevelli * Timor Blue Flycatcher, Cyornis hyacinthinus * White-tailed Flycatcher, Cyornis concretus * Rueck's Blue Flycatcher, Cyornis ruckii * Blue-breasted Flycatcher, Cyornis herioti * Hainan Blue Flycatcher, Cyornis hainanus More

Blue-fronted Flycatcher Cyornis hoevelli IUCN Red List history Year Category 2009 Least Concern 2008 Least Concern 2004 Least Concern 2000 Lower Risk/Least Concern 1994 Lower Risk/Least Concern 1988 Lower Risk/Least Concern Range Estimate More

Blue-fronted Flycatcher (Cyornis hoevelli) :: Blue-fronted Flycatcher (Cyornis hoevelli) :: Matinan Flycatcher (Cyornis sanfordi) :: Matinan Flycatcher (Cyornis sanfordi) :: Rufous-bellied Niltava (Niltava sundara) :: Rufous-bellied Niltava (Niltava sundara) :: Vivid Niltava (Niltava vivida) :: Vivid Niltava (Niltava vivida) :: Small Niltava (Niltava macgrigoriae) :: Small Niltava (Niltava macgrigoriae) :: post a comment click on thumbnails for full image More

blue-fronted flycatcher blue-fronted flycatchers (Cyornis hoevelli) Timor blue-flycatcher Timor blue-flycatchers (Cyornis hyacinthinus) white-tailed flycatcher white-tailed flycatchers (Cyornis concretus) Ruecks blue-flycatcher Ruecks blue-flycatchers (Cyornis ruckii) blue-breasted flycatcher blue-breasted flycatchers (Cyornis herioti) Hainan blue-flycatcher Hainan blue-flycatchers (Cyornis hainanus) white-bellied blue-flycatcher white-bellied blue-flycatchers (Cyornis pallipes) pale-chinned blue-flycatcher pale-chinned blue-flycatchers (Cyornis poliogenys) pale blue-flycatcher pale blue-flycatchers (Cyornis unicolor) blue-throated flycatcher blue-throated flycatchers (Cyornis rubeculoides) More

* Blue-fronted Flycatcher, Cyornis hoevelli, Hoevells Niltava Up to 6 a day at Lore Lindu NP. 192. * SULAWESI BLUE-FLYCATCHER, Cyornis omissus, Sulawesiniltava 3 at Lore Lindu NP. This form is formerly lumped in Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher,Cyornis rufigastra. 193. CITRINE CANARY-FLYCATCHER (CITRINE FLYCATCHER), Culicicapa helianthea, Kanarievliegenvanger Common in Lore Lindu NP and 3 in Gunung Ambang NR. 194. More

* Blue-fronted Flycatcher Cyornis hoevelli: Some nice looks up at Anaso. * Sulawesi Blue Flycatcher Cyornis omissus: Several good views including a female at Kamarora and a few on the road at Dongi Dongi. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Muscicapidae
Genus : Cyornis
Species : hoevelli
Authority : (Meyer, 1903)