Painted Honeyeater

It is endemic to Australia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.

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The Painted Honeyeater is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Painted Honeyeater is a mistletoe specialist. Most, however, exist on a diet of nectar supplemented by varying quantities of insects. In general, the honeyeaters with long, fine bills are more nectarivous, the shorter-billed species less so, but even specialised nectar eaters like the spinebills take extra insects to add protein to their diet when they are breeding. The movements of honeyeaters are poorly understood. More

The Painted Honeyeater (Grantiella picta) is a species of bird in the Meliphagidae family. It is monotypic within the genus Grantiella. It is endemic to Australia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. Contents - * 1 Conservation status * 1.1 Australia * 1. More

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Painted Honeyeater is closely associated with the fruiting of mistletoe. The species feeds mostly on mistletoe fruits, but also on nectar and insects in the canopy of trees, as well as sallying for flying insects. Though often quiet, Painted Honeyeaters sometimes call noisily throughout the day. When flying from tree to tree, often well above canopy, Painted Honeyeaters often call as they go, and repeatedly fan their tails, exposing the large white tips on their outer tail-feathers. More

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We have seen Painted Honeyeaters in 2006, from September onwards, in various locations in the area of Narrabri, New South Wales (20 km north-east of town and 30 km north and 20 km south-west of Narrabri). Spotted again in February 2008, 20 km south-west of Narrabri, in the same area as 2 years before. However, after substantial clearing along roadsides, not seen in the area in December 2008. More

The Painted Honeyeater is small (16 cm) and distinctive, with a black head and back and white underparts with dark streaks on the flanks. The wings and tail are black with bright yellow edgings. The distinctive bill is pink with a dark tip. The female is greyer on the upperparts and has less streaking on the flanks. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Meliphagidae
Genus : Grantiella
Species : picta
Authority : (Gould, 1838)