Monteiro's Bushshrike

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is probably threatened by habitat loss like other birds in its range, but its actual status remains unknown due to its elusiveness.

The Monteiro's Bushshrike is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.

Monteiro's Bushshrike and Gabela Helmetshrike occur in the remote south-east of the park. SEASON: Bird watching is good throughout the year. HABITATS: Arid savanna, gallery forest, wetlands, mangroves. BIRDING: Most visitors would arrive at Kissama by crossing the Kwanza River floodplain along the main Luanda-Sumbe road, coming from Luanda in the north. The floodplain surrounding the main road between is one of the most reliable sites in Angola for Saddle-billed Stork. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Malaconotidae
Genus : Malaconotus
Species : monteiri
Authority : (Sharpe, 1870)