Cinderella Waxbill

The Cinderella Waxbill is found in subtropical and tropical dry shrubland, savanna and forest habitats at altitude of 200 to 500 m. It is observed that the recent development of a hydroelectric plant on the Cunene River at Epupa Falls has caused changes to insect biodiversity which were relied on by the Cinderella Waxbill during feeding of its young. Thus threatening its food source to be depleted. The Waxbill aslo eats a regular diet. It eats plants-grass seeds and nectar- as well as insects-scale insects and termite alates. The Cinderella is diurnal, which means that they are awake in the daytime and sleep at night.

The Cinderella Waxbill is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

Since the cinderella waxbill is almost threatened right now, it is going to be harder to find breeders. I searched all over the place for cinderella waxbill breeders. I doubt that you will be able to find any, and if you do, it will be extremely expensive. I found lots of other waxbills for sale, just not that one. I'm sorry I can't help more. More

The Cinderella Waxbill (Estrilda thomensis) is a near-threatened species of estrildid finch found in drier regions of south-western Angola around Namibe Province, north and east to south-west Huila Province and north to Fazenda do Cuito in Huambo and extreme north-western Namibia. It has an estimated global distribution of 95,700 km². More

* Cinderella Waxbill, Estrilda thomensis * Swee Waxbill also known as Yellow-bellied Waxbill * Estrilda quartinia * Estrilda melanotis * Fawn-breasted Waxbill * Estrilda ochrogaster * Estrilda poliopareia More

Cinderella Waxbill Estrilda thomensis 2009 IUCN Red List Category (as evaluated by BirdLife International - the official Red List Authority for birds for IUCN): Near Threatened Justification This species is listed as Near Threatened because it probably has a moderately small range, which is suspected to be in decline owing to the clearance and degradation of its habitat. More

Stamps showing Cinderella Waxbill Estrilda thomensis Cinderella Waxbill Estrilda thomensis Distribution map for Cinderella Waxbill, range 215.018 Cinderella Waxbill IOC v2.4: 9144 Links will open countrypage in new window - Namibia 06.05. More

Home to the Cinderella Waxbill - one of Africa's least-known birds. . . and a Piece of Paradise in Namibia !Kunene River Lodge • PO Box 406 • Ruacana • Namibia • Tel: +264 - (0)65 - 274 300 • Sat: +264 - (0)65 - 685 016 • Fax: +264 - (0)65 - 274 301 Click to Discover your Holiday of a Lifetime © 2007-2009 • MD Web Design • UK Valid HTML 4. More

ideally situated for sighting the elusive Cinderella Waxbill, of which little is known. After the first nest site was discovered, five chicks were successfully raised. Since locating the resident population, very high sighting success rates have been achieved. More

July 27th, 2009 — The Cinderella Waxbill is a Member of the Genus Estrilda $100.00 Original graphite drawing. 7x9.25" NOTE: Paper is a bit lighter and more yellow add to cart — view other products for sale ghost-finch2.jpg no comments Post a Comment Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website art and content © 2007-2010-infinity Lauren Nassef/laurennassef. More

Cinderella Waxbill Estrilda thomensis = Described by: Sousa (1888) Alternate common name(s): Neumann's Waxbill, Sao Tome Waxbill Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors Photographs No photographs are available for this species Range Sw. Angola and n. Namibia. Formerly Sao Tome Is. where it may have been introduced. More

Cinderella Waxbill (Estrilda thomensis ) Origin : AFRICA Region : Western Angola to Northern Nambia Estimated Population : To be monitored Class : RFCG Watchlist Page Reference : 367 Alternative Name : Sao Tome Waxbill VISUALS REQUIRED! The Rare Finch Conservation Group is currently searching for visual references. More

Cinderella Waxbill, Namibia, Ruacana November 2005 © Simon Harrap A bird of almost legendary elusiveness, but we found a little drip, drip, drip.... More

Cinderella Waxbills can be found here. Cinderella - Orlando, United States Cinderella Cinderella "remembered" Isabella & Jackey from our previous attempt at ... More

Cinderella Waxbill Estrilda thomensis Swee Waxbill Coccopygia melanotis Yellow-bellied Waxbill Coccopygia quartinia African Quailfinch Ortygospiza atricollis Locust-Finch Paludipasser locustella Orange-breasted Waxbill Amandava subflava Cut-throat Finch Amadina fasciata Red-headed Finch Amadina erythrocephala Bronze Mannikin Spermestes cucullatus Red-backed Mannikin Spermestes bicolor Magpie Mannikin Spermestes fringilloides More

sites for Cinderella waxbill in the area. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historical usage. They do not represent the opinions of Browse dictionary definitions near waxbill 1. wax moth 2. wax museum 3. wax myrtle 4. wax palm 5. wax paper 6. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Estrildidae
Genus : Estrilda
Species : thomensis
Authority : Sousa, 1888