Black-billed Seed Finch

The Black-billed Seed-finch is a species of bird in the Thraupidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

The Black-billed Seed Finch is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Black-billed Seed Finch Oryzoborus atrirostris Blue Seedeater Amaurospiza concolor Blackish-blue Seedeater Amaurospiza moesta Carrizal Seedeater Amaurospiza carrizalensis Cuban Bullfinch Melopyrrha nigra White-naped Seedeater Dolospingus fringilloides Band-tailed Seedeater Catamenia analis Plain-colored Seedeater Catamenia inornata Paramo Seedeater Catamenia homochroa Cuban Grassquit Tiaris canorus Yellow-faced Grassquit Tiaris olivaceus Dull-colored Grassquit Tiaris obscurus Black-faced Grassquit Tiaris bicolor Sooty Grassquit Tiaris fuliginosus More

Black-billed Seed Finch, Oryzoborus atrirostris Great-billed Seed Finch, Oryzoborus maximiliani Chestnut-bellied Seed Finch, Oryzoborus angolensis Thick-billed Seed Finch, Oryzoborus funereus Blackish-blue Seedeater, Amaurospiza moesta Blue Seedeater, Amaurospiza concolor Slate-blue Seedeater, Amaurospiza relicta Carrizal Seedeater, Amaurospiza carrizalensis White-naped Seedeater, Dolospingus fringilloides Band-tailed Seedeater, More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Emberizidae
Genus : Oryzoborus
Species : atrirostris
Authority : Sclater & Salvin, 1878