Greenish Schiffornis

It is found in southern Brazil, also eastern Paraguay, and extreme northeastern Argentina. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, and heavily degraded former forest.

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Original source: Dario Sanches from São Paulo, Brazil
Author: Dario Sanches from São Paulo, Brazil

The Greenish Schiffornis is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Greenish Schiffornis (Schiffornis virescens), also Greenish Mourner or Greenish Manakin (not to be confused with the Green Manakin), is a species of bird in the Tityridae family. It has traditionally been placed in the manakin family, but evidence strongly suggest it is better placed in Tityridae, where now placed by SACC. It is found in southern Brazil, also eastern Paraguay, and extreme northeastern Argentina. More

Greenish Schiffornis (Schiffornis virescens) by Raphael Eduardo F. Santos. Itapoá, Santa Catarina, Brazil, 26-03-2006 XC5659 Greenish Schiffornis (Schiffornis virescens) by Raphael Eduardo F. Santos from Brazil XC5659 :: Greenish Schiffornis (Schiffornis virescens) = Recording data Recordist Raphael Eduardo F. More

Greenish Schiffornis (Schiffornis virescens) by Bob Planqué. More

Greenish Schiffornis Schiffornis virescens 2009 IUCN Red List Category (as evaluated by BirdLife International - the official Red List Authority for birds for IUCN): Least Concern Justification This species has an extremely large range, and hence does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the range size criterion (Extent of Occurrence 30% decline over ten years or three generations). More

* Name: Greenish Schiffornis, Schiffornis virescens More

Greenish Schiffornis Schiffornis virescens Speckled Mourner Laniocera rufescens Cinereous Mourner Laniocera hypopyrra Buff-throated Purpletuft Iodopleura pipra White-browed Purpletuft Iodopleura isabellae Dusky Purpletuft Iodopleura fusca Brazilian Laniisoma Laniisoma elegans Andean Laniisoma Laniisoma buckleyi White-naped Xenopsaris Xenopsaris albinucha Chestnut-crowned Becard Pachyramphus castaneus Green-backed Becard Pachyramphus viridis Yellow-cheeked Becard Pachyramphus xanthogenys Barred Becard Pachyramphus versicolor Cinnamon Becard Pachyramphus cinnamomeus More

Show Details Species: Greenish Schiffornis (Schiffornis virescens) Author: Natalie Location: Iporanga/SP Made in: 11/10/2009 Uploaded: 214 days Comments: 2 Rating: 0/5 (0) File Size: 2.09 MB Show Details Species: Scaly-headed Parrot (Pionus maximiliani) Author: Emerson Kaseker Location: Iporanga/SP Made in: 02/01/2008 Uploaded: 298 days Comments: 0 Rating: 4.33/5 (3) File Size: 303. More

* Greenish Schiffornis, Schiffornis virescens * White-naped Xenopsaris, Xenopsaris albinucha * Genus Pachyramphus, becards * Chestnut-crowned Becard, Pachyramphus castaneus * Green-backed Becard, Pachyramphus viridis * Yellow-cheeked Becard, Pachyramphus xanthogenys * Barred Becard, Pachyramphus versicolor * Cinnamon Becard, Pachyramphus cinnamomeus More

* Greenish Schiffornis Schiffornis virescens * Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet Camptostoma obsoletum * Yellow Tyrannulet Capsiempis flaveola * Gray Elaenia Myiopagis caniceps Possibly seen * White-crested Tyrannulet Serpophaga subcristata * Sepia-capped Flycatcher Leptopogon amaurocephalus * Bay-ringed Tyrannulet Phylloscartes sylviolus Near-threatened * Rough-legged Tyrannulet Phyllomyias burmeisteri Possibly seen * Eared Pygmy-Tyrant More

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Black-and-gold Cotinga, Greenish Schiffornis, Cinnamon Tanager and Bay-chested Warbling-Finch. 20 March 2009 Volunteers needed to teach English at REGUA - We are seeking volunteers to teach English to local children taking part in our Young Rangers programme and our staff. You will need to be organised, motivated, self-reliant and an possess excellent communication skills. More

Tufted Antshrike, Gilt-edged Tanager and Greenish Schiffornis at the Portao Azul and on the High Altitude Lower Section Excursion Green-chinned Euphonia, Red-legged Seriema and Black-Hawk Eagle were seen. The bird feeders have been busy with Green-headed Tanagers, Green Honeycreeper, Brazilian Tanager, Ruby-crowned Tanager, Violaceous, Orange bellied and Chestnut-bellied Euphonias, Spot-billed Toucanets and Blond-crested Woodpecker. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Cotingidae
Genus : Schiffornis
Species : virescens
Authority : (Lafresnaye, 1838)