Large-billed Crow

There are three sub-species within this group that are sometimes treated as full species:

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The Large-billed Crow is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Large-billed Crow (Corvus macrohynchos) is a common resident in the Himalayas. Size: 52-59 cm Read about Large-billed Crow's eggs and nests in "The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds by Allan O. More

large-billed crow is a clever and bold bird. References: 1. 2. More

large-billed crow (ハシブトガラス) #3206 by Nemo's great uncle.ハシブトガラス(hashibuto garasu) = "large-billed crow" (Corvus macrorhynchos) To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. Comments view profile kitty * Pro User says: lovely capture. Here is a legend about this fellow, hope you will find it amusing Posted 36 months ago. More

This Large-billed Crow was photographed at a city park in Tokyo, Japan. Photo taken with a Nikkor 300mm EDAF f4.0 lens on Kodachrome 200 film. More

The Large-billed Crow (51 cm long) is larger than the House crow, having a glossy black appearance all over without the gray collar. It relies much less on man for its living than the House Crow, taking mostly natural food or offal. Large-billed crow, also known as the Jungle Crow, tends to be rather solitary, most often seen in singles or pairs. It may occasionally be seen in the town but is more often encountered in the rural areas and coastal park. More

Large-billed crow has H5N1 HONG KONG - HONG Kong authorities said on Tuesday that a dead Large-billed Crow found in the territory had tested positive for the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said the latest case has taken to 12 the total number of birds found to have the virus, which can be fatal to humans, since January 29. More

A large-billed crow flew overhead as I was standing on the shore, cawing as it flew past. Intially I didn't give it a second look, but the folks from the National University of Singapore pointed out that it was no ordinary crow. It was a large billed crow, different from the ones in the mainland, they added. The easiest way to distinguish them was from the soft cawing sounds they made. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Corvidae
Genus : Corvus
Species : macrorhynchos
Authority : Wagler, 1827