Common Cicadabird

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The Common Cicadabird is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Stamps showing Common Cicadabird Coracina tenuirostris Common Cicadabird Coracina tenuirostris Bargain of the day! Common Cicadabird Links will open countrypage in new window - Micronesia 18.11. More

Common Cicadabird - Coracina tenuirostris Échenilleur cigale = Échenilleur cigale Le guide ornitho : Les 848 espèces d'Europe en 4000 dessins Gallery : © John Gould Site web : Order : Passériformes Family : Campephagidae Species : Common Cicadabird Reference: jogo41559 Copy forbidden without prior authorization. More

Golden Bulbul, Rufous-bellied Triller, Common Cicadabird, Moluccan Cuckooshrike, White-bellied Cuckooshrike, Halmahera Cuckooshrike, Dusky-brown Oriole and Blue-and-white Kingfisher to name just a few! We also enjoyed sightings of Dusky Scrubfowl which even came out onto the road occasionally in the early mornings; the scarce Halmahera Flowerpecker was logged several times while Cream-throated White-eye and Goliath Coucals enjoyed the very scrubbiest habit. More

Common Cicadabird Coracina tenuirostris Palau Cicadabird Coracina monacha Yap Cicadabird Coracina nesiotis Pohnpei Cicadabird Coracina insperata Grey-capped Cicadabird Coracina remota Makira Cicadabird Coracina salomonis Black-bibbed Cicadabird Coracina mindanensis Sulawesi Cicadabird Coracina morio Sula Cicadabird Coracina sula Pale Cicadabird Coracina ceramensis Black-shouldered Cicadabird Coracina incerta Black-tipped Cicadabird Coracina schisticeps Black Cicadabird Coracina melas Black-bellied Cuckooshrike Coracina montana Black-bellied Cicadabird Coracina holopolia More

* Common Cicadabird, Coracina tenuirostris * Palau Cicadabird, Coracina monacha * Yap Cicadabird, Coracina nesiotis * Pohnpei Cicadabird, Coracina insperata * Gray-capped Cicadabird, Coracina remota * Makira Cicadabird, Coracina salomonis * Black-bibbed Cicadabird, Coracina mindanensis * Sulawesi Cicadabird, Coracina morio * Sula Cicadabird, Coracina sula * Pale Cicadabird, Coracina ceramensis More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Campephagidae
Genus : Coracina
Species : tenuirostris
Authority : (Jardine,1831)