Singing Bushlark

M. javanica is brown with grey streaks and mottling.

The Singing Bushlark is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Mirafra cantillans, or the Singing Bushlark is a species of lark endemic to South Asia and Australia. Contents - * 1 Range and population * 2 See also * 3 External links * 4 References Range and population - The range of M. More

Other common names: Singing Lark, Western Singing Bushlark; African Singing Bushlark (chadensis, marginata) Taxonomy: Mirafra cantillans Blyth, 1845, India. Has been placed in a superspecies with M. javanica, M. albicauda, M. passerina and M. cheniana, but validity of this grouping remains untested. Frequently treated as conspecific with M. javanica, and probably closest to and sister-taxon of that species, from which it differs by 1·8% in cytochrome b sequences. More

The following is a photograph of a Singing Bushlark on Roebuck Plains near Broome in February 2002. More

Singing Bushlark has been a bit of an enigma for me: I've been confused why there are so few ever reported and I've only ever seen photographs of three birds from India. I finally caught up with one near Mysore in early February. More

Singing Bushlark The Singing Bushlark (Mirafra cantillans) is a species of bushlark found in South Asia. It is differentiated by similar bushlarks in its region by its white outer tail feathers. See more at This article uses material from Wikipedia® and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License Wikipédia Français Download this dictionary Alouette chanteuse L'Alouette chanteuse (Mirafra cantillans) est une espèce d’oiseaux appartenant à la famille des Alaudidae. More

For the purposes of our bird news services, Singing Bushlark is classed as Ungraded: species that are unlikely to appear as wild birds in Britain or Ireland hide section Most recent photos of Singing Bushlark (2) Near Ranthambore, India Near Ranthambore, India24/01/2010 Near Ranthambore, India 24/01/2010 Tawi Atayr, Salalah, Dhofar, Oman Tawi Atayr, Salalah, Dhofar, Oman20/04/2004 Tawi Atayr, Salalah, Dhofar, Oman 20/04/2004 View all pictures of Singing Bushlark View all pictures of Singing More

Singing Lark (Mirafra cantillans), also called Singing Bushlark, is a widespread resident in India. More

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denser overstorey while the Tawny Grassbird and Singing Bushlark were recorded on single occasions in tall grassland adjacent to a creekline and airstrip respectively. Including the station list, the Atlas and the present survey, 130 species have been recorded in this atlas block. Table 1: Bird species recorded from Kachana Station during a survey in May 2004 and from ongoing observations and those recorded from the surrounding one degree block (Barrett et al., 2003). South refers to the areas around Kachana and Weiner creeks. More

Horsfield's Singing Bushlark, Javan Lark, Cinnamon Lark, Australian Lark, Eastern Lark, Eastern Singing Bushlark, Australasian Lark Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors Photographs Near Texas, Queensland, Australia - Apr 6, 2003 More

since Singing Bushlarks are common in high temperature regions of Australia where it would be regularly observed. Has this description been adapted from the Asian Singing Bushlark (Mirafra cantillans) where this feature isn't present??? Is this only a feature of certain subspecies of Australasian Bushlark (Mirafra javanica)??? If anyone has any information on this subject, please contact me at More

The Singing Bushlark has a much shorter/fatter beak though according to my book. I think Pat might be on the money. Canon 500d + 100-400L + Tamron 18-250 Edit ok..hard cc prefered Reply With Quote Reply With Quote - 5. More

CD#10 - Singing Bushlark to Common Myna (includes barn swallow, gouldian finch and brown songlark) ID:3-175 Field Guide to Australian Birdsongs - CD Field Guide to Australian Birdsongs - CD NOT SURE WHICH CD INCLUDES THE BIRDS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN? CONTACT US FOR A COMPLETE LISTING Ph +61 (0)3 9813 5488 / Fax +61 (0)3 9813 1744 More

Picture of Mirafra javanica above has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.
Original source: Brett Donald
Author: Brett Donald
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Passeriformes
Family : Alaudidae
Genus : Mirafra
Species : javanica
Authority : Horsfield, 1821