Long-billed Lark

The Long-billed Lark is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Agulhas Long-billed Larks Certhilauda brevirostris South Africa, April 2007 The Agulhas Plains near Malgas (south of Swellendam), Western Cape The Agulhas Plains (or Overberg) is a fynbos region of incredible floral endemism right at the bottom of Africa that also lays claim to two species of endemic lark: the Agulhas Long-billed Lark and the Agulhas Clapper Lark. More

The Agulhas Long-billed Lark (Certhilauda brevirostris) is a small passerine bird. It is an endemic resident breeder in the Western Cape, South Africa. Its restricted range is centred on the Agulhas arable farmlands, from east of the Hottentots-Holland mountain range to Mossel Bay, and occupies a maximum of 15,000 km². This lark was formerly considered as a subspecies of Cape Long-billed Lark, Certhilauda curvirostris until it, with three other subspecies, was elevated to species status (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993). More

* Algulhas Long-billed Lark, Certhilauda brevirostris * Eastern Long-billed Lark, Certhilauda semitorquata * Karoo Long-billed Lark, Certhilauda subcoronata * Benguela Lark, Certhilauda benguelensis * Short-clawed Lark, Certhilauda chuana * Dune Lark, Certhilauda erythrochlamys * Karoo Lark, Certhilauda albescens More

The Long-billed Lark has recently been split into five different species. More

Long-billed Lark, Agulhas Long-billed Lark, Cape Clapper Lark, Agulhas Clapper Lark, "Bradfield's" Sabota Lark, Red Lark, Sclater's Lark, Black-eared Finchlark, Cape Bulbul, Cape Rockjumper, Knysna Warbler, Victorin's Warbler, Karoo Eremomela, Cinnamon-breasted Warbler, Namaqua Warbler, Cape Sugarbird, Cape White-eye, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Siskin, Protea Canary In the event, I believe that the trip was a great success. I saw a total of 239 species, including 149 lifers, and the vast majority of the above, dipping on just 5. More

* Long-billed Lark, Galerida magnirostris * Short-tailed Lark, Pseudalaemon fremantlii * Wood Lark, Lullula arborea * Skylark, Alauda arvensis * Japanese Skylark, Alauda japonica * Oriental Skylark, Alauda gulgula * Razo Skylark, Alauda razae * Horned Lark or Shore Lark, Eremophila alpestris * Temminck's Lark Eremophila bilopha More

Long-billed Lark (Certhilauda curvirostris ) Long-billed Lark Common Name Long-billed Lark Scientific Name Certhilauda curvirostris Order Passeriformes Family Alaudidae Genus Certhilauda Species C. More

Long-billed Lark Galerida magnirostris = South Africa - Sep, 2001 More

Long-billed Lark Galerida magnirostris = Described by: Stephens (1826) Alternate common name(s): Large-billed Lark, Thick-billed Lark, Southern Thick-billed Lark Old scientific name(s): Calendula magnirostris Photographs South Africa - Sep, 2001 More

Eastern Long-billed Lark, Red-capped Lark, Cape Longclaw, African Pipit and Cape Canary. A drive further along the Paulpietersburg road during summer could give you Rudd's Lark, Blue Crane, Blue Korhaan, Red-winged Francolin, Grey-winged Francolin, Denham's Bustard, Sentinel Rock-Thrush and Yellow Bishop. Cuckoo Finch has also been seen along here. During winter it is also a good bet for Black Harrier. 3. Leave Wakkerstroom along the Volksrust road. More

Long-billed Lark, Galerida magnirostris Alaudidae (LARKS) Long-billed Lark, Galerida magnirostris This photo was taken in: South Africa The photo was taken by: Steve Cook , Birdwatching trip reports from around the world South Africa reports Reports from birdtours.co. More

Cape Long-billed Lark - Certhilauda curvirostris Cape Long-billed Lark Cape Long-billed lark, Certhilauda curvirostris Cape Long-billed Lark Cape Long-billed lark Locations for recordings with GPS coordinates There is 1 record for sp:6168.00 (foreground species only). page 1 Cape Long-billed Lark song Certhilauda curvirostris (0:15) Don Jones XC42881 16-9-2003, South Africa page 1 © 2005-2010 Xeno-canto Foundation. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Alaudidae
Genus : Certhilauda
Species : curvirostris
Authority : (Hermann, 1783)