Pilot Bird

The Pilotbird is a large, plump species of acanthizid, measuring around 18 cm in length and weighing 27 g. It has a large head and a short bill. The plumage is mostly brown with scalloping on the chest and an orangeish throat. The species is highly terrestrial. The name of the species comes from its supposed habit of following lyrebirds, taking prey that they flush. This habit is well known but seldom observed.

The Pilot Bird is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Pilot Bird Censuses of Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve = Project No. More

The Pilot Bird Scheme has been established since 2000. It is one of our major activities which is conducted by the Northcote Hall Tutorial Team. The Scheme aimed at providing summer job opportunities for our residents, and to assist several partnering schools to deliver their summer programmes. During April and May, our Tutorial Team will contact different primary and secondary schools in the nearby district and see if they need any coordinators for their summer programmes. More

Pilot Bird, who won the Charles Clore in 1986, and Mack The Knife, second in the Royal Lodge Stakes and Racing Post Trophy in 1991.Top owner Jakie Astor dies at 82 by Randall, John; Ennor, George / The Racing Post (London, England)Pilot Bird was a Listed winner from only four starts, was half-sister to two other scorers at Listed level, and could on no account be charged with having a `lousy pedigree'.Tony Morris: Time may be right for The Deputy; Santa Anita Derby ... More

Pilot bird - Dictionary Definition and Overview = Pilot \Pi"lot\, n. 1. (Naut.) One employed to steer a vessel; a helmsman; a steersman. -Dryden. 2. Specifically, a person duly qualified, and licensed by authority, to conduct vessels into and out of a port, or in certain waters, for a fixed rate of fees. 3. Figuratively: A guide; a director of another through a difficult or unknown course. 4. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Acanthizidae
Genus : Pycnoptilus
Species : floccosus
Authority : Gould, 1851