Black-thighed Falconet

It breeds in tree holes.

The Black-thighed Falconet is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Black-thighed Falconet (Microhierax fringillarius) is one of the smallest birds of prey, typically measuring between 14–16 centimetres (5.5–6.3 in) long. It is native to Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It breeds in tree holes. It feeds on small birds and insects. The typical habitat is forest, forest edge and wooded open area. It has black upperparts, whitish-rufous underparts, broad black ear coverts and black outer thighs. More

The Black-thighed Falconet (Microhierax fringillarius) can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, where it inhabits forest, forest edge and wooded open areas. Description The Black-thighed Falconet and the White-fronted Falconet are the smallest carnivorous birds of prey - averaging 6 inches or 15 cm in length and weighing ~1. More

The pair of nesting Black-thighed Falconet had already established an eyrie or nest on the limestone cliff. So it appeared strange that they were observed collecting pieces of long dried grass. Also, these falconets are not known to make use of any nesting materials to line their nest. Through further observations, they were seen bringing these grass pieces to another site nearby, a sort of “false eyrie” (above right). More

Black-thighed Falconet (Microhierax fringillarius), 15-17 cm in size and... * Black-thighed Falconet hunting during nesting The mating and nesting rituals of a pair of Black-thighed... * Black-thighed Falconet feasting on a bird Dr. Redzlan Abdul Rahman was having lunch one afternoon... * Courtship of the Black-thighed Falconet On 9th May 2006 Ong Kiem Sian sent a series... More

Black-thighed Falconet (Microhierax fringillarius) Size is 16 cm (6 in.). Tiny size with short hooked bill. Black upperparts, broad blackish patch on ear coverts separated from mantle by white patch. Underparts white with rufous undertail coverts and inner thighs. Buff suffusion on lower breast and flanks. Thigh blackish. Resident from low elevations up to 1500 m, south to Singapore where it is said to be rare. More

Order : Falconiformes
Family : Falconidae
Genus : Microhierax
Species : fringillarius
Authority : (Drapiez, 1824)