Crowned Hornbill

The Crowned Hornbill can be distinguished from the similar Bradfield's Hornbill by its shorter beak.

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The Crowned Hornbill is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Crowned Hornbill, Tockus alboterminatus, is an African hornbill. It is a medium-sized bird, with a length between 50 and 54 cm, and it is characterized by its white belly and black back and wings. The tips of the long tail feathers are white. The eyes are yellow; the beak is red and presents a stocky casque on the upper mandible. In females, the casque is smaller. The Crowned Hornbill can be distinguished from the similar Bradfield's Hornbill by its shorter beak. More

The Crowned Hornbill is a common resident of the coastal and riverine forests of southern (only the eastern coast) to northeastern Africa. It forages mainly in trees, where it feeds in insects (often caught in flight), small rodents and frogs, seeds and fruits. This hornbill species can be seen in flocks, usually in the dry season. Four to five white eggs are incubated for 25 to 30 days; the juveniles remain with both parents for about 8 weeks. More

Crowned Hornbill Tockus alboterminatus is the smallest and the only predominantly insectivorous species. This series documents its breeding cycle with Part 1 illustrating the early nestling stage. More

Crowned Hornbill ( Tockus alboterminatus, family: Bucerotidae) in the KNP = crowned hornbill kruger national park birds The Crowned Hornbill (Latin name Tockus alboterminatus) is described in Roberts Birds of Southern Africa, 7th Edition. This bird has a unique Roberts number of 460 and you will find a full description of this bird on page 153 also a picture of the Crowned Hornbill on page 160. The Crowned Hornbill belongs to the family of birds classified as Bucerotidae. More

Crowned Hornbill nests in crevices in trees, walling in its young who then have to break out when they are ready to fledge. More

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Order : Coraciiformes
Family : Bucerotidae
Genus : Tockus
Species : alboterminatus
Authority : (B├╝ttikofer, 1889)