Crossley's Ground Roller

The Rufous-headed Ground-roller is a species of bird in the Brachypteraciidae family. It is endemic to Madagascar.

The Crossley's Ground Roller is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

Terrestre de Crossley, Crossley's Ground Roller, Atelornis crossleyi. Carraca Terrestre de Cola Larga, Long-tailed Ground Roller, Uratelornis chimaera. ... Systematik der Rackenvögel: ...- ... Gelbschnabeltoko) Familie: Coraciidae (Racken) Unterfamilie: Brachypteraciinae (Erdracken) Gattung: Atelornis Art: Atelornis crossleyi (Lätzchen-Erdracke) Art ... AVIFAUNA - Picchio verde . . . l'altro web site - Birds: DNA ...: Lowlands to 2000 m of nw,e Madagascar. Atelornis crossleyi RUFOUS-HEADED GROUND-ROLLER. More

including Crossley's ground roller Atelornis crossleyi (I). Three amphibians are believed endemic to the massif: Mantipus guentherpetersi, Platyhyla alticola and P. tsaratananaensis, as are two reptiles: Chamaeleo tsaratananensis and Amphiglossus tsaratananensis. The massif is the most important area on Madagascar for molluscs, with 45 species recorded; 30 of these are apparently endemic to the massif. More

Order : Coraciiformes
Family : Brachypteraciidae
Genus : Atelornis
Species : crossleyi
Authority : Sharpe, 1875